So there’s a man in your life. A man you actually really like. No matter how well you know him, it’s always a challenge to figure out what would make the best Valentine’s Day gift for him. If you only recently started seeing each other, you don’t want to terrify him into thinking you already have names picked out for your future three kids. And if you’ve been together for years, you don’t want to give the impression that you are uninterested.

Worrying causes our youthful Latino genes to deteriorate, so leave the stress for something that actually vale la pena because we have the solution below. Here is a breakdown of what to get your man for V-Day based on how long you’ve been together.

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— 3 Months

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So there’s this cute guy who’s been hanging out in your friends’ group. You started flirting, maybe even texting, so you hope think there’s something there. Get him a gift that lets him know you acknowledge him. Something that says you pay attention to what he likes but not in a crazy, stalkerish way. You don’t even have to present this as a V-Day gift. I would just play it cool, like, “Oh hey, I saw these and I thought you’d like them based on the amount of Tapatío you douse on your pizza.”

6 Months

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You didn’t get ghosted. You’ve gone on a few dates and you feel strongly that this is going somewhere and you want to give him something that tells him you enjoy being with him and want to keep this thing (whatever it’s called) going. A shirt that matches his cool, urban style will surprise him and it’s guaranteed to 100% make him smile. Plus, you can plug in a line like you’ve enjoyed your taco dates and can’t wait for more of them.

1 Year

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So you made the infamous one year mark. It was terrifying at times trying to guess whether or not you would actually make it. But congrats, you both did it. Now it’s a little more solidified that this is getting serious. You need to step up your gifting game because how disappointed would you be if you get a crummy box of chocolates on V-Day after being with this guy for a year? Get him something that is cheeky while at the same time lets other people know he is happily taken. This shirt does all of that and more.

2-5 Years

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By now you might live together (unless you’re like me; I was with my mans for 8 years and still lived at my parent’s, because Latino parents). You spend all your time together, you cook for one another and you do all that cutsie stuff. This will remind him how much you appreciate all these moments… and that you want him to keep cooking for you ????.

5+ Years

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Just when you were starting to think both of you were over it, you can surprise your partner with a super cute gift that is still within budget. This will let him know that no matter how much time passes, he will always be a papi chulo in your eyes.