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Last night, Mexico competed against the USA in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final in Las Vegas. For those watching, the match fell into three stages: excitement, boredom, and disappointment (or excitement again). The U.S. team won the match 1-0. And while excitement among fans was high at the outset, that feeling quickly died down as both teams failed to make any goals for the majority of the match. But in the end, USA defender Miles Robinson scored the only goal of the game with three minutes remaining in extra time.

Naturally, the match was a big deal for soccer fans, but it was an even bigger deal for Mexican-American soccer fans. Having connections to both countries, many Mexican-Americans were watching the match with bated breath. Some were rooting for the U.S., some were rooting for Mexico.

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But one thing everyone had in common? Sharing hilarious USA vs Mexico memes on social media. Check out some of the funniest tweets and meme reactions to the USA vs Mexico soccer game.

1. For fans, game day was highly anticipated.

Something like the first day of school, the excitement was palpable. This was the match everyone had been waiting for.

2. Squads pulled up in full gear.

Starting off, everyone was just talking about the rivalry between Mexico and the U.S. After all, you can’t be neighbors for hundreds of years without some friendly competition popping up.

3. The roasting only came naturally.

Pre-game, there was a lot of big talk coming from Mexico fans on Twitter.

4. On game day, some fans are a little nervous to admit who they’re rooting for.

Lots of people talking about how they practically turn into a different person when the game is on.

5. You know as soon as the clock strikes 5:30 p.m., there’s going to be a mad rush to the TV.

There were also meta-jokes about how lit people’s Twitter feeds were going to be. Who needs to attend a fútbol match when you’ve got Twitter to entertain you?

6. Even people who aren’t Mexican-American or American were highly invested in the game.

This person made an astute-observation about who Central Americans usually root for…

7. And those who saw the game know the first 90 minutes were a bit of a snooze-fest.

And when the match was finally in full-swing, people weren’t shy about saying how underwhelmed they were.

8. People were basically keeping score of the number of goals that were missed.

The frustration was real.

9. Nerves were sky-high as time started winding down.

And of course, when the USA finally scored, people couldn’t help but bring up that one word that Mexico has officially banned from fútbol matches. You couldn’t help but wonder what they’d be saying without the ban.

10. And at the end, it all came down to this:

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And of course, there were even more jokes about how happy Central American soccer fans must be after the US pulled off a last-minute upset.