As big fans of triple-threat Latina queen Jennifer Lopez, we’ve always said the “Jenny From The Block” singer is one in a million. While we still think that’s true, one woman is turning heads for looking exactly like J.Lo — so much so, she recently went absolutely viral on social media.

Connie Peña might not be Boricua, finding her roots in Mexico and Peru instead, but that seems to be where her and J.Lo’s differences end. One look at her Instagram might blow your mind, with the singer, dancer, and entrepreneur amassing almost 300,000 followers for being Lopez’s unofficial twin. 

Peña recently sat down with Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo” to talk about her experience being Lopez’s doppelgänger, and let’s just say it’s quite the whirlwind. 

According to the interview, California-born Peña owned a beauty salon in Las Vegas for ten years, and was constantly told she looked like the “Ain’t Your Mama” star. At that point, Peña saw an opportunity: she changed her hair and makeup to give her the trademark J.Lo look, and became a lookalike with fame in her own right.

The businesswoman began impersonating Lopez around four years ago, learning how to sing and dance, describing herself as a “fan” who “admires” the star. Peña went viral on social media in August after walking through Rodeo Drive, causing a commotion that attracted paparazzi and fans alike. She even told “Al Rojo Vivo” that Lopez’s team contacted her after watching the video, offering to give her J.Lo’s iconic “glam” makeup and hair look.

Peña explained that looking so much like Lopez has its downsides (really!). In fact, she said she sometimes needs police officers to escort her at events, and has even had to run out of casinos through the backdoor. “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” but looking like J.Lo does!

Even cooler? Peña actually got the chance to meet Lopez at an event, and says the triple-threat turned to her and said, “Wow, we look alike.” The doppelganger said she was “nervous” and could barely speak, only telling Lopez “thank you” and said she was “working hard… in [her] honor.” 

While there’s no doubt Peña looks a lot like Lopez, she now has a music career in her own right and seems to be more focused on her own artistry. She released her first music video one year ago for her single “Clasico” featuring King Lupo, and interestingly enough, both her physical appearance and voice remind us of the “Let’s Get Loud” celeb.

With an upcoming release for her new song “Lejos,” Peña will continue to bring all the J.Lo energy — while still staying true to herself!