It’s been twenty years since the launch of Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes and to celebrate, the makeup brand is bringing them back. Yep, step into the time warp of side-swept bangs, dresses paired with jeans and lips that looked like a dewy spring morning.

Today, you too can get your fingers on the cult-favorite gloss of yesteryear and 20 of the bestselling shades at Sephora.

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The gloss lineup includes 12 shades that shimmer and sparkle, four jelly shades and four shades that look creamy.

The sticky lipgloss will include familiar shades like Hello Cherry, Miracle, and Dreamsicle. It will also feature rookie colors like Spring Fling, described as a creamy “millennial pink,” and a shade called Birthday Confetti, “sheer pale pink with sparkling confetti glitter.”

In a recent post about the new release, Lancôme asked users if they remembered buying their first juicy tube. And boy did the new post have us nostalgic.

“Love this! I bought Hallucination consistently until it was no more. Keep them forever please!” – mysticpriestess

“I have been using dreamsicle for YEARS, since it came out (now I’m 42)..and when it was discontinued my life was over. I had my friends on a life long mission to find every single dreamsicle possible one the World Wide Web. My girlfriend tagged me in this bc she knows…my life can now resume and all is right in the world.” –sageladnier

“My first Juicy Tube was Raspberry Ice! It was my first Lancôme product Just placed my order for these glosses and I can’t wait to get them.”-mothergloss

What was your favorite memory about the Lancôme Juicy Tubes?