We’ve been waiting for years —literally —to watch Cuban actor Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe on the big screen and the wait is finally over.

Although the movie has received pretty bad reviews overall, most critics agree on praising De Armas’ performance in the film. One of them, film expert Jason Guerrasio, from Insider Magazine, even argued that the movie is rescued by the “mesmerizing performance” of the actress.

Whether critics like it or not, the film quickly made its way to #1 on Netflix’s most viewed movies after just one day of its release, according to Variety, and we get why! Just watching this transformation shared by the streaming platform on Twitter makes us want to drop everything and run to analyze her looks and expressions frame by frame.

“My heart is filled with excitement as finally the world will get to see this beautiful film,” De Armas wrote on Instagram along with a stunning video of her performing Monroe’s “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”

In an interview with Collider magazine, Tina Roesler Kerwin and Jaime Leigh McIntosh — the hair and Makeup wizards in charge of recreating Marilyn Monroe’s beauty looks for the movie— shared some insights on how they managed to nail every single look to the very last detail.

For those of you who were wondering if she dyed her hair, she didn’t. The team decided to go for a wig with Monroe’s iconic bob and hide the actress’ natural hair underneath it.

According to Collider’s report, they also changed de Armas’ eye color and shape with blue contact lenses, eyeliner, and fake eyelashes. The result is shocking, as you can see.