These Fascinating Instagram Piercings Will Make You Want To Head To The Tattoo Parlor

If you’re considering getting a piercing one of the biggest things on your mind (besides how much it hurts!) is likely determining how to get a piercing that looks unique. These days just about everyone has piercings and while for the most part they might be restricted to our earlobes and noses, the wow-factor you might have received over a piercing a few years ago has likely wained a bit. Unless you go for something that truly stands out.

We rounded up some pretty unique piercings that even Cardi B would approve of. Check them out below!

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This dermal piercing that acts as a ring.

These pretty adorable lip piercings that act as bookends for your cupid’s bow.


These pretty incredible lip piercings that must have been dang painful.

This fantastic frenulum piercing is pretty adorable.

This nape of neck dermal piercing that acts as a necklace.

This combination of dainty cartilage earrings.

These impressive foot piercings that are pretty unexpected.

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