A San Antonio family has been making headlines thanks to their intricate, elaborate, and hilarious front lawn skeleton displays, a tradition that started during the pandemic and has become a full-fledged competition to see who can create the craziest scenarios throughout the month of October.

It began in October 2020, when the Dinote family bought two skeleton “people” and one skeleton dog to display in their front yard. According to KSAT, Steven Dinote thought it would be funny to prop one of the skeletons next to a lawnmower. His wife Danielle responded by upping the ante the next day when she rearranged the skeletons to make it look like one of them was walking the dog.

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Skeleton House of San Antonio Facebook

Since then, the family has been coming up with new and inventive ways to display what has become an army of skeletons, comprised of four adults, one kid, one dog, one cat, and a piranha. Steven told the outlet that the displays usually take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to set up after some minor prep the night before.

“We didn’t realize how popular it got … we had neighbors all of a sudden walk on up and say ‘We love your display, we purposely change our walks just to see what you got,'” Steven said, according to Upworthy. In 2021, the family created a number of noteworthy scenarios, including a full rock band, a painting session with Bob Ross, a construction crew, and a couples yoga session.

“This year, we are working a little harder to come up with unique ideas and don’t want to repeat past displays,” the Dinotes told KSAT. “But we still have a big list and are constantly finding new ideas.” The family kicked off 2022 with a hilarious family vacation scene showing the clan of skeletons rushing to pack up the car and hit the road.

Skeleton House of San Antonio Facebook

Following that, the Dinotes set up a “Hocus Pocus” themed scenario, a family of skeletons playing Twister, a camping scene, a day at the golf course, and even an Angry Birds setup complete with a giant slingshot. They post their newest creations every day on their official Facebook page and even encourage their followers to submit ideas for future displays.

The Dinote family’s neighbor, Oscar Carerro, helps out by snapping pictures of the displays each morning, but even he admitted that the only way to truly capture the golfing setup was with a video to show their fans each and every intricate detail, including the fact that some of the golf balls went all the way into the neighbor’s yard.

Skeleton House of San Antonio Facebook

“We’re getting a lot of people coming up and thanking us and bringing a little joy. We had one person say there’s so much negative stuff going on in the news, everyone’s bitter with each other and it makes their day just to come over and see a little bit of humor,” Steven said. “If that helps, that makes us happy.”

Stay up-to-date with the Skeleton House of San Antonio. They post new scenes every single day throughout all of October. This week alone they’ve already done a “body” shop repair, a barbecue, and a breakdancing competition.