The time has finally come! New photos for LeBron James’ “Space Jam” reboot, “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, have come out. And fans are hyped.

King James himself shared the promo pictures to his Twitter account with the rousing caption: “Y’ALL NOT READY FOR THIS SQUAD!!!!” Within minutes, #SpaceJam was trending.

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That’s right. There is a vocal cohort of online fans who view the originally Lola Bunny…very fondly, shall we say. But the reboot’s promo photos disappointed some people when they saw that the new Lola Bunny has been redesigned to be less overtly sexual.

According to the new film’s director, Malcolm D. Lee, he was surprised at Lola Bunny’s original rendering when he re-watched the movie in 2019. “This is 2021,” said Lee. “It’s important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters.”

Needless to say, the culture is now more aware of the negative consequences of over-sexualizing female characters. The new Lola Bunny is less curvaceous, her clothing less revealing.

Of course, in light of Lola Bunny’s update, people jumped at the chance to share memes about how…exciting Lola Bunny was in the original 1996 movie.

Like one Twitter user who wrote: “With Space Jam 2 coming out, can we all just collectively agree that Lola Bunny collectively awakened something in all of us as kids?”

But despite Lola Bunny’s being redesigned, many fans of the original “Space Jam” are excited for the reboot, which will hit theaters this summer.

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, LeBron James admitted that he was initially nervous to take over a franchise that belonged to his idol, Michael Jordan.

In the interview, James revealed that Warner Bros. had approached him for the role about 15 years ago, but he turned it down. “I didn’t think I was ready to do anything of that magnitude,” he says. “I wanted to continue to focus on my game and give it as much as I could.”

But now, James has come into his own and is more comfortable with who he is as a basketball icon. “In my younger days, part of my thinking was ‘Space Jam was so good, how can I top this?’ ” he said. “There’s always going to be conversations about LeBron trying to do everything Michael [did]. But I’ve gotten older, and you know who you are. You know what you stand for.”