One of the most important tools to slow the spread of COVID-19, according to health experts, is self-isolation and social distancing. This means staying at home as much as possible and staying at least six feet apart from other people when in public. One petition is trying to get streamers involved in promoting self-isolation measures with their services.

There is a petition out there that is asking streamers like Netflix and Hulu to make their services free.


Philip Kolas started the petition calling on streaming giants Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and YouTube to make their media free. Why? To help promote and encourage stronger and most consistent self-isolation practice.

The petition is being largely met with support.


To be fair, who wouldn’t support some free entertainment right now? Unemployment is high in the country right now with millions of unemployment claims over the last few weeks.

Some have pointed out how other streaming media companies have opened up their premium content.


PornHub did indeed open up its premium content for free for viewers to help with keeping everyone at home during the pandemic. It might not seem like a big deal but it is free content that PornHub paid to produce to help keep the spread of COVID-19 as low as possible. For some people signing the petition, this is a pretty big point for them.

More than a few people are angered that some people would ask for these streaming platforms to give stuff out for free.


The argument on that side is that it isn’t fair to ask a company to offer its services for free. Instead, they argue that having access to Netflix is not an essential service. The people against the petition argue that the companies still have employees to pay to keep the economy and local small business running to the best of their ability.

Netflix recently announced that it added around 16 million new users in the first quarter.

The news signals an immediate win for Netflix during the pandemic. The company projected an increase of 7.2 million people in the first quarter. However, they are aware that this kind of growth is not sustainable and that tough times are still ahead for the company.

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