Imagine how wild it would be to run into your favorite celebrity at the mall.

Picture this: you’re minding your own business, perusing the food court, trying to decide between a pretzel and a churro. Then, there they are! Surrounded by bodyguards, so close you can almost smell them.

For fans of Peso Pluma, this fantasy recently became a reality when a look-alike dressed up like Doble P and visited the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas. It was all part of a prank devised by YouTuber, Victor Galván.

Preparing the ultimate Peso-prank

This isn’t the first time that Galván dabbles in the art of duplicity, as he found a Weeknd impersonator to carry out a similar prank a few weeks back. Galván, who has 177,000 subscribers on YouTube, struck gold when he found Fernando, the fast-food employee turned regional Mexican superstar.

When asked about his likeness to Pluma, Fernando said, “At first I didn’t believe [I looked like him], not gonna lie. It wasn’t until I had multiple people ask, ‘Hey bro, are you Peso Pluma?’ And I was like, ‘No, bro, I work at Chick-fil-A!’”

After meeting Fernando in real life and confirming the uncanniness of his semejanza to Pluma, Galván dressed and styled him just like Pluma. The double wore a denim jacket with his signature shades and unmistakable mullet.

The finished product didn’t just look like Peso Pluma — it was Doble P in the flesh. The only oversight that could have potentially stirred up a bit of suspicion among fans was that Fernando didn’t have Pluma’s obvious neck tattoo. Ultimately, nobody seemed to notice.

The pranksters didn’t even leave the suburbs before fans began approaching Fernando as Pluma

People began emerging from their houses as the crew was filming and asking Fernando for selfies and autographs. Fernando admitted to being a little nervous, considering the crowd’s reaction to him before the prank officially started.

When the crew arrived at the Galleria Mall in Houston, it wasn’t long before crowds started to form around him and his “bodyguards.” Turns out they were almost as necessary as if he really were Peso Pluma, as hoards of people were amassing and shouting his name.

Fans began approaching Fernando by the masses, snapping photos, fist-bumping him and pushing through crowds to catch a glimpse of who they thought was the singer of “Ella Baila Sola.” The mall even shut down the Prada store so Fernando and his team could do some luxury shopping in private.

Hundreds of fans gathered to glimpse the Doble P impersonator

Fans continued to gather outside the store and on the mall’s second floor, overlooking the store entrance, waiting for him to appear. Galván was tuning in from a distance the entire time, instructing Fernando’s bodyguards to “hug him tight” as safety was the top priority.

When Fernando left the store, hundreds of fans appeared de la nada, screaming excitedly and following his every move. Fernando then hid in the Louis Vuitton store, where the burden of celebrity reared its ugly (yet glamorous) head as the entire mall was at a virtual standstill, waiting for him to return.

Fans pressed up against the glass storefront, waiting for el cantante to strut his stuff. It was obvious that the prank worked, and perhaps too well. Fernando had to be escorted out of the mall by police officers, but not before they snapped a selfie with him, of course.

And who could blame them? It’s not every day that you get a chance to meet the one and only Peso Pluma. Or, at least, a very close second.