Puerto Rican police are on high alert following a wave of threats on social media. The escalating violence follows the tragic death of rapper and reggeaton artist Pacho El Antifeka.

The 42-year-old musician was fatally shot last Wednesday at the Plaza Tropical shopping mall in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. His death is currently under investigation.

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Pacho El Antifeka, whose real name was Neftalí Álvarez Núñez, was a beloved artist of the urban music scene. He leaves behind a wife of 23 years, three children, and a granddaughter.

His murder has shocked the Puerto Rican community on the island and in the diaspora.

Although Pacho was not a mainstream urban music artist, he had a passionate fan base and nearly one million followers on Instagram.

A violent tragedy

In the early hours of June 1, 911 received a call from a witness who heard several gunshots near the Plaza Tropical shopping center in Mayamón. 

Law enforcement quickly responded to the distress call. They arrived at the scene to find the lifeless body inside his 2008 black Infiniti EX35 car.

According to the Puerto Rican newspaper “Primera Hora,” the artist was leaving a medical appointment at a mental health clinic in the mall when two armed men intercepted him.

The Puerto Rican police revealed they found 100 bullet casings at the scene. They are investigating Pacho’s murder as a revenge killing.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Rivera told Puerto Rico’s WKAQ radio the killers were “stalking” Pacho El Antifeka on the day of the murder.


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The authorities alerted residents of Cataño, where Pacho resided, of violent threats on social media. They have taken precautionary measures in response, anticipating a surge in street violence following the reggaetonero’s tragic death. 

The death of Pacho El Antifeka is the latest chapter in a string of violent events

Last March, the FBI raided a public housing unit where the rapper lived. During the operation, authorities discovered two firearms registered to his wife. Following his arrest, he was released on bail. However, he was required to wear an ankle monitor as a condition of his release.

But this was not Pacho’s first encounter with law enforcement.

Back in March 2015, he was arrested for possession of an altered firearm that could fire automatically. Police witnessed him disposing of the weapon in front of a commercial establishment, which led to his arrest. 

In January 2016, Pacho El Antifeka pleaded guilty to the charges against him. 

Although sentencing guidelines recommended a term of two to two and a half years, a federal judge imposed an eight-year sentence.

The judge’s decision was influenced by the content of Pacho’s song lyrics, which were perceived to incite violence. In addition, the sentence included years of supervised release, reflecting the seriousness with which the court viewed Pacho’s involvement with firearms. He was released a year later.

A musical career inspired by real life

Pacho El Antifeka’s music often reflected the harsh realities of life, including the violence and danger that permeate certain communities in Puerto Rico.

In his song “No tienen rifle,” released in collaboration with Cano El Bárbaro, who was also tragically murdered in December 2021, Pacho delved into the theme of his own mortality.

The lyrics spoke of those who wanted to harm him and the constant threat he felt, reminding us of the dangers faced by artists in the music industry.

Born in Puerto Rico in March 1981, Pacho El Antifeka initially achieved recognition as part of the urban duo Pacho & Cirilo. In December 2021, he released his debut solo album, “All-Star Game,” in which he poured body and soul into showcasing his professional growth as an artist.

Before his death, Pacho had signed with Duars Entertainment, the agency behind Rauw Alejandro‘s success.

Reggaeton is in mourning

Prominent Puerto Rican reggaeton stars took to social media to express their grief and disbelief over the senseless murder of Pacho El Antifeka.

“I am not one to judge anyone’s personal life, but I can judge how people treat me; based on that judgment, I can choose my friendships. I am aware that you always treated me with respect, appreciation, honesty, sincerity, and loyalty,” wrote Daddy Yankee in a post honoring Pacho El Antifeka.

“Rest in peace. Brother, we didn’t talk all the time, but when we did, we always spoke about God, trying to be better people, and learning to be fair. You were always a leader and a brother. May God have mercy and grant strength to your family,” wrote Farruko.

Likewise, artists such as Baby Rasta and Gringo paid tribute to Pacho, and his music was heard in several reggaeton shows.

While the investigation into the murder of Pacho El Antifeka continues, his memory lives on through the powerful legacy he leaves behind. The Latin music industry has lost a genuine talent, a voice silenced too soon.