From rapping about red bottom heels to stunting, shining, and running everything like cardio, Cardi B’s success in the past four years has shown no bounds. Ever since her Billboard chart-topping single “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, New York City-born Cardi rapidly soared to the top, releasing hit after hit like “Money,” “Bartier Cardi,” “WAP,” and the karaoke-ready “La Modelo” with smooth-voiced reggaetonero Ozuna. 

The Dominican-Trinidadian rapper, 29, is known for putting herself out there, whether it’s making immediately meme-able Instagram videos about “coronavirus,” or being super relatable by sharing photos on Twitter of her natural hair texture, giving tips on masking and hydration. The “Up” artist is also incredibly sex-positive, whether rapping about “big Mack trucks” (if you know, you know) or tweeting a photo of husband Offset with the caption, “Hey cowboy, I want to take a ride on your horse.” Okurrr!

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So it’s no surprise Playboy has chosen Cardi B as their first-ever creative director in residence, an honor that the rapper told People is “a dream come true,” feeling “connected” to their “uncensored creativity” since day one. And, as usual, Twitter was quick to react to the latest “Press” announcement.

Responses to Cardi B’s Playboy position have been overwhelmingly positive. Main reason? This means the publication is finally moving away from the older cis-gender, white male gaze, and inching towards inclusivity. As a woman of color who is open about her past as an exotic dancer, even telling Mariah Carey for Interview Magazine that her work made her feel “untouchable and so sexy.” Cardi is the epitome of a no-judgement human being, making her the perfect choice for the publication.

As Playboy moves far away from Hugh Hefner’s original, extremely dated vision of sexuality, we can’t wait for the “Hustlers” star’s next move. Taking to Twitter and asking who they wanted to see on the cover, Cardi retweeted names like Doja Cat, Teyana Taylor, Kylie Jenner, and Megan [Thee Stallion]. While we can’t wait for that, the rapper let fans know it’s not going to be all about big celebs:

No matter what direction the South Bronx rapper decides on, we know it’s going to be “worth every dollar” and “make money moves.”

According to Forbes, Playboy’s team is thrilled with the collaboration, with CEO Ben Kohn saying “Cardi B is a creative genius,” with “immense talent,” an “unapologetic commitment to free expression,” and a constant “celebration of sex and body positivity.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves!

Meanwhile, Cardi will also preside over the magazine’s new platform Centerfold, similar to OnlyFans in being headlined by creators themselves. While the rapper is ecstatic to keep “fighting for personal freedoms” as Playboy’s creative director, she says Centerfold will be all about helping creators feel “safe in their creativity and sexuality.” 

It’s safe to say we’re thrilled over Playboy’s latest move, because Cardi will always be “la championa” in our eyes.