Screenshot via YouTube

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. After years of anticipation, Normani’s new single, “Wild Side” is finally out. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Cardi B is the song’s featured hip-hop artist. Needless to say, “Wild Side” is everything you wanted and more.

Not only were people blown away by the song’s sultry sexiness and Normani’s smooth vocals, but they were in awe of the music video’s visuals. And not to mention, Normani’s raw talent. We all know that Normani is a beautiful singer, but it’s easy to forget sometimes what a graceful and athletic dancer she is. Remember the 2019 music video for her debut single, “Motivation“? Yeah. We do.

The video for “Wild Side” is filled with Normani channeling different R&B divas through both her costume changes and her dance moves. Savvy viewers saw Normani pay tribute to Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Ciara, and Beyoncé in her choreography. And people were living for it.

And of course, people couldn’t stop talking about how…creative Cardi’s verse is.

Minutes after the single dropped, Cardi tweeted out: “Sooo like I did a verse and Normani team said they wanted nastier sooo I was like alright…. your wish is my command”. And boy, did she deliver.

Cardi B’s verse in “Wild Side” further proved just how sex-positive she is. Like last year’s controversial hit “WAP”, her verse in “Wild Side” is chock full of dirty innuendos and double-entendres. And there’s a fair bit of colorful language thrown in there too. Cardi B starts with a bit of Spanish, saying dimelo before launching into her verse. “Turn me around/Treat me like a watch/Bust me down/On the kitchen floor, right on that towel/It’s my d— and I want it now.” (Yeah…we said it was colorful!)

This isn’t the first time that Normani and Cardi B have collabed. As a reminder, Normani made a brief cameo in the legendary music video for “WAP“.

Like fellow industry icons Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, Cardi B has always been quick to sing Normani’s praises. “.I can’t wait till Normani put her project out,” Cardi wrote on Instagram last year. “She been working for a long time and I CANT wait till she show ya. She gonna wake ya up.” But according to Normani, Cardi’s verse was a last-minute (and welcome) addition to her single.

“I had already been in rehearsal for about three weeks preparing for the video when Cardi heard the record for the first time,” said Normani about the collab. “She really showed up for me and brought this record to life by simply doing what Cardi does best. I love that woman down and I’m forever grateful.”

We still don’t know the exact date when Normani’s debut album will drop, but until then, we’ll be playing Normani and Cardi B’s single “Wild Side” on repeat.