All things zodiac and astrology are like a sixth sense for Latinx. We get the tingles whenever we have a premonition and we tie everything back to our zodiacs. Some of us learned about horoscopes from reading Cosmopolitan magazine in middle school but most of us learned at a very young age about the stars and our signs through our beloved Walter Mercado playing in the background of our abuelita’s television. The consejos and nostalgia have stayed with us our whole life and now we can wear it loud and proud with these shirts from the mitú Shop.  

Capricorn Zodiac Tee

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Hustler by every definition. Puts loved ones before anything else. Does not have time for pendejadas.

Aquarius Zodiac Tee

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Is a healer. Friends look to them for advice. Warning: also very judgmental.

Piscis Zodiac Tee

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Reads vibes really well. Can see clearly through your bullshit. Is okay being alone and lives up to mejor sola que mal acompañada without a problem.

Aries Zodiac Tee

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Loves being the center of attention. Loves being number one. Totally independent and whatever they want they get for themselves, not from a significant other.

Taurus Zodiac Tee

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Materialistic. Very materialistic. In order to achieve a finer lifestyle, they hustle until they get what they want.

Gemini Zodiac Tee

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Not two-faced. Multidimensional. Extremely deep thinker and very shy. Can expect the unexpected.

Cancer Zodiac Tee

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Very emotional, but not chillones. Able to connect their intuitions on a deeper level.

Leo Zodiac Tee

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The star of every party. The one people gravitate toward. Sometimes cabeza dura.

Virgo Zodiac Tee

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Perfectionist at heart. Always working on getting better. That ride-or-die type of friend.

Libra Zodiac Tee

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Obsessed with balancing all aspects of life. However, cannot make a decision so don’t ask what to get for dinner. Do ask for advice. This is the comadre everyone wants in life.

Scorpio Zodiac Tee

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Pasión is the center of everything. Holds negativity in, but will erupt and cut a b. Also hard to read and holds a poker face like no other.

Sagittarius Zodiac Tee

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Extremely curious which is code for metiche. Has been blessed with good fortune and a jefe-like mindset.