The sportswear company Adidas shocked the internet this Wednesday when it posted an ad to Twitter that featured 25 pairs of bare breasts. 

The ad was accompanied by a tweet that stated:  “We believe women’s breasts in all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort. Which is why our new sports bra range contains 43 styles, so everyone can find the right fit for them.” The tweet was accompanied by the hashtag #SupportIsEverything. 

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The ad is part of a wider campaign by the company to create more awareness about the different types of bodies that women have, and to provide a diverse range of products. 

“It was a significant undertaking with an all-female team of designers, testers and experts, and we hope this collection will help more sports bra wearers experience the benefits of added support and a better fit, and not be held back when doing the sports they love,” Adidas senior director of product, Amy Charlton, told Ad Week

The ad campaign will reportedly be accompanied by another campaign that shows the marks caused by using a poorly fitting sports bra and brings awareness to issues surrounding the use of sports bras

Twitter is one of the few places on social media that allowed the ad because the social media platform doesn’t have restrictions on nudity. But it didn’t take long for the internet to react to the image. 

Since Wednesday, Twitter has been filled with a wide range of reactions: some users are taking offense, others are celebrating, some are confused, and others are in it for the fun.

The negative reactions ranged from users who found the ad “repulsive” to those who were concerned about children on the app. One user even said those behind the ad campaign should “work in other areas/branding with less exposure and less overall societal importance.”

And there were a lot of reactions about getting caught seeing NSFW content by others, with one user saying “bruh twitter ain’t safe to open at school” in response to the ad and another user commenting on the difficulty of navigating the site because of the ad. 

Despite the negativity, many people were supportive of the ad. One user commented, “women have breasts and they’re all different — no need to be concerned.” While others hailed the ad campaign as innovative and long overdue. 

But most Twitter users just had fun with other people’s reactions to the tweet. One user compared the tweet to another viral tweet criticizing women for posting revealing selfies.