If you haven’t already heard about Netflix’s latest documentary series sensation “Cheer” it’s time to get with it.

The new Netflix docuseries follows the Navarro College cheer squad and their journey to competing at the biggest cheerleading competition in the country: the National Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. The new series is more than just a sparkly highlight of a cheer squad, in a way its a love letter to the hard work, grit, and composure required to make it as a cheerleader. In short, the film works to debunk every notion you’ve ever had about cheerleaders. You know, the ones where they’re queen bee blondes with rich parents who have it easy all around.

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The breakout Netflix series gives viewers a look into what it takes to make something perfect.

The members of the 14-time National Champion team each bring their own unique set of skills to the team and personal stories to the docuseries. There’s Gabi a cheerleading celebrity with the weight of her status on her shoulders. There’s Jerry, a male cheerleader still grieving the loss of his mother who also isn’t necessarily the best technically on the team but absolutely is its spirit. And Lexi is praised for her “guy-like” strength while also dealing with not totally having a sense of identity. To say it briefly, it’s no wonder the cheer squad has collectively become a Netflix darling.

The squad has become such a sensation that they recently got an invite to the Ellen Show. And boy was it great.

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For their Ellen debut, the squad performed part of their routine from their Daytona competition.

Watch the full appearance here.