Latin America has lost a telenovela icon. Andrés García, the Mexican-Dominican actor known for his roles in soap operas such as “Las Gemelas” (1972) and “La Mujer Prohibida” (1991), died on April 4 at the age of 81.

According to his family, Garcia passed away due to several complications that affected his health due to cirrhosis that worsened during the last few weeks.

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During his five-decade career, García left an enormous mark on Latin American television culture, especially in Mexico. His talent earned him the title of “galán de la telenovela,” although he also had his iconic roles as a villain.

These are the best scenes of Andrés García that we will never forget.

Chanoc’ (1967)

García began his film career at age twenty-five in the action film “Chanoc.” Garcia played the title character inspired by a comic book of the same name. 

‘Tú o Nadie’ (1985)

For Andrés García, “Tú o Nadie” was “the best role of his career,” as he said in an interview with co-star Lucía Méndez.

Garcia played Antonio Lombardo, a millionaire bachelor who falls in love with a middle-class girl.

‘Mi nombre es coraje’ (1988)

Andrés García played Juan Coraje in the Argentinean telenovela of the late 1980s. Along with Salvador Pineda and Rubén Ballester, García told the story of three brothers fighting for freedom.

‘La mujer prohibida’ (1991)

Andrés García played Germán Gallardo in the Venezuelan-Spanish telenovela that tells a story of impossible love.

‘Con toda el alma’ (1995)

Another novela starring Andres Garcia was “Con toda el alma,” the Mexican version of the Argentine story created by Ligia Lezama. Garcia plays Daniel Linares, who has been drawn out of his recently deceased grandfather’s will.

‘El privilegio de amar’ (1998)

“El privilegio de amar was another of the convoluted plots of Latin American television.” Andres Garcia plays the title character in the telenovela, whose finale is considered one of the most popular and successful of the 1990s.

‘Mujeres engañadas’ (1999)

This was the telenovela that united Andrés García with actress Anahí. The melodrama tells the story of four couples living in the same building. One of the couples is García and Laura León, the parents of Jessica, Anahí’s character.

‘El cuerpo del deseo’ (2005)

This telenovela is considered the highlight of Andrés García’s career in television. In it, the famous actor hands over the baton to a new leading man — Marío Cimarro.