Did Mariah Carey invent Christmas? No tenemos pruebas, pero tampoco dudas.

In any case, the “Queen of Christmas” just dropped her annual defrosting video today, welcoming in Noche Buena, Noche Vieja, and everything in between. Yes, November 1 means the start of the Christmas season, at least in Carey’s world — and we’re here for it!

Carey drops a defrosting video every year on November 1, signaling the end of Halloween — and the start of the holiday season. Last year, the singer rang in “Mariah Szn” with a video showing her dressed up as a spooky witch. As with every other year, Carey uses her crazy high notes to sing herself out of the spookiness and enter a winter wonderland. Watch 2022’s defrosting video here:

This year’s video takes things up a notch, with an icy tower set design that rivals “Game of Thrones.” Even more, fans can expect a nod to a classic Mariah Carey meme. It’s epic.

Without further ado, put on Carey’s 1994 album “Merry Christmas,” light a fir-scented candle, and read on for everything you need to know about the singer’s new defrosting extravaganza.

Mariah Carey’s 2023 defrosting video gives us an ice vault, pumpkin goblins, and festive cheer

For her 2023 defrosting video, Carey chose to take the tradition even further with a seriously impressive set design. This year, the clip shows the “Queen of Christmas” trapped in an ice vault with a timer ticking its way to November 1:

We enter the icy vault, reminiscent of an evil tower, and we see Carey trapped in a block of ice. Interestingly, an array of people with ghost and pumpkin masks (pumpkin goblins, perhaps?) heat up the ice cube with what seems to be… hair dryers?

At that point, the “Hero” star sings, “It’s time…” in the highest note we’ve ever heard. So high, in fact, that she breaks the ice — and rings in the start of the Christmas season. Bye-bye, pumpkin goblins.

After shattering her ice cage, Carey is officially defrosted, living up the snowy season with Christmas trees, snowmen, presents, people dressed as reindeer, and her two children, Moroccan and Monroe. All in all, the video is festive, slightly campy, and perfect.

Plus, as several X users are noting, this year’s video pokes fun at a fan-created meme called “She’s defrosting.” In fact, the meme traditionally shows a photo of Carey dressed up as Mrs. Claus inside a shattered ice block.

According to Know Your Meme, this meme originated in 2017 as a joke about Carey’s defrosting tradition. Thousands of jokes later, and the singer seems to be owning the funny meme in her new video — and “ho, ho, ho-ing” all the way to the bank.

Leagues of fans are already reacting to the video, with one X user replying, “Every year dominating a whole season. Santa who? Mariah is truly the queen.” Another relatable user put it quite simply: “I’M SHAKINGGG.”

Many other fans are talking about Carey banking on her “Queen of Christmas” title every holiday season. In fact, her iconic 1994 hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” was named the “Greatest of All Time Holiday Song” by Billboard, and as per TIME, keeps topping the Billboard Holiday Hot 100. Charting year after year decades after its release, it already re-entered iTunes’ Top 100 in the United States today:

Of course, many fans are already joking about the legendary track’s massive monetary success:

As yet another fan recently wrote, “Mariah Carey defrosting is my Roman Empire,” and we couldn’t agree more. In short, the yearly videos are just what we need to ring in the holidays and get pumped for drinking coquito, eating tamales, dancing to Celia Cruz, and leaving out grass in a shoebox for Los Reyes Magos’ camels come January.

And yes, we’re already playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat: