What happens when Latin America’s biggest star meets his equally successful counterpart in the United States? A lot of speculation, to say the least. When Puerto Rican-born, Mexican superstar Luis Miguel — frequently called “El Sol de México” — met the iconic American singer, Mariah Carey, the two caused a media frenzy.

Speculative headlines of an “extravagant” romance; a “jealousy-driven” romance or one that was “unrequited” abound in the 90s news cycle.

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But what we know for certain is that it was an iconic three years of dating and even now — two decades later — results in a never-ending list of what could have been’s from each artist’s fan base.

And now there’s a Netflix biopic of the superstar’s life that includes a special appearance by Mariah Carey’s character.

What does Netflix’s “Luis Miguel: The Series” tell us about this iconic romance?

With the release of the third and final season of “Netflix’s Luis Miguel: The Series,” Luis Miguel displays his side of the cards. And, of course, Twitter has plenty of opinions.

In the scene where they meet, Luis Miguel tries to woo Mariah Carey with an expensive wine bottle, which she politely declines. Admittedly, this portrays her as “hard to get” – not far off from the divaesque persona she embodies now, but to contextualize her response, it was the Mariah Carey at the prime of her career.

Fast-forward to their eventual relationship, which lasted a tumultuous three years in the midst of jealousy and infidelity. Luis Miguel was frequently called egotistical in the light of the press, and with Mariah’s rising fame as a diva, it comes as no surprise that these two egos were challenged in insurmountable ways.

Mariah Carey’s lax response toward Luis Miguel is portrayed in this 90s video just as much as it is in her 2020 memoir.

In Mariah Carey’s 2020 memoir,  “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” she recalls meeting Luis Miguel, yet it differs from what is portrayed on Netflix. Her account doesn’t include the wine bottle incident, but she does mention Luismi had a little too much to drink during their first dinner date.

“It was all grand and exciting, but it was far from perfect. For one thing, our relationship was characterized by culture clash. What was more difficult were the cultural gaps between us when it came to race. He would always insist that he didn’t see me as Black,” wrote Carey in her memoir.

Luismi, who is an executive producer of the series, made it a point to remind us the series is fictional.

The third and final season of “Luis Miguel: The Series” is currently streaming on Netflix.