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Mariah Carey is just as impressed with Nick Cannon’s addiction to reproducing as the rest of us are. That is to say: not very much.

At this point, the amount of children that Nick Cannon has is becoming a running joke. The comedian and television personality is a father of seven — four of whom were born in the last year.

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But Mariah Carey is the mother of Nick Cannon’s first two children, twins Morocco and Monroe, 10. And being Nick Cannon’s first children comes with some perks: mainly, having The Queen of Christmas herself as a mom.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mariah Carey threw the subtlest of shade in her ex-husband’s way, and we’re living for it.

The conversation started with ET host Kevin Frazier asking Carey about her Christmas traditions with her children.

Mimi revealed that her dark memories of Christmases past have motivated her to make sure her children always have joyful Christmas memories.

“The thing is, when I wrote about Christmas I was like, ‘Oh wait. I don’t want to bring people down.’ Because there’s some depressing stuff that happened,” she explained about her creative process in writing Christmas songs. “But that’s the reason that it motivated me to really go all the way in. Every Christmas, every year. And I just want my kids to have the best time. And honestly, a lot of it is for me.”

It was then that Frazier asked Carey about her ex-husband’s large brood. “Will any of their step-brothers or step-sisters ever get to enjoy Christmas your way? Because it’s a special way.”

“Is it step? I don’t think it’s step if you’re not married to the person,” Carey said, while coyly playing with her hair.

She then gave her signature “I don’t know her” Mariah Carey face, complete with a modest smirk. “I don’t know about that,” she continued. “That’s a different interview for you.”

A different interview, indeed. I’m sure Mariah Carey has a lot to say about her children suddenly having four new siblings in one year. (And side note: Mariah was right. Cannon’s children would be Moroccan and Monroe’s half-siblings, not their step-siblings).

Mariah Carey’s reaction gives us a tiny glimpse into what the Afro-Venezuelan songstress thinks about Nick Cannon’s five other children.

In the last year, people have routinely criticized Nick Cannon for what they believe is irresponsible parenting. Since November 2020, three different women have had four different babies by him. The babies’ names are: Powerful Queen, Zen, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir.

Some folks believe that there’s no way Cannon can be a fully attentive father to all seven of his children when he doesn’t live under the same roof as them. But really, there’s no way of knowing. We hope he at least gets to spend some time with all of his children during the holidays.