The 2020 Census is a very important moment. it is a time for everyone in the country to be counted and included when the federal government starts to allocate federal funds in the budget. Latinos need to be counted to make sure our community gets the money it deserves and few musicians are coming together to remind everyone to fill out their census.

The 2020 Census is still happening despite the COVID-19 crisis.

The census is taken every 10 years and it is a chance for federal money to be properly appropriated to different states and cities. It is also important because it helps to dictate the number of representatives different states have in the House of Representatives. The higher the population, the more representatives.

It is important that every person is counted so that every state and community is accurately represented in the government and the federal budget. These funds go to schools, public works, infrastructure spending, and so many other crucial things.

Los Tigres del Norte teamed up with other musicians to get Latinos informed about the census.

Univision’s music label, Uforia, announced the song as a way to rally Latinos into filling out the 2020 Census that has been mailed out to people all over the country. April 1 might be Census Day but it is not the deadline. You can still fill out your census.

Ana Bárbara joined in on the census anthem.

Cities and states have spent time trying to remind their Latino residents to make sure they participate in the 2020 Census. Latino communities across the country fear that the information would be used for immigration enforcement. However, citizenship is not required, nor is it asked of respondents, despite the Trump administration’s best efforts to have a citizenship question included.

Fuerza Regida also lent his talents to remind Latino to fill out their census.

There are some concerning numbers already being reported out of some Latino neighborhoods. In Chicago, some Latino neighborhoods, like Little Village, are lagging behind the rest of the city. According to the Chicago Tribune, 29.5 percent of Chicago households have filled out their census. The national average is around 36.2 percent. Meanwhile, the number of respondents in Los Angeles is lower.

Natanael Cano even wants you to fill out your census.

You can still fill out your census to make sure that you and your community are represented. This is the first time the census is being done online so you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. A good thing considering everything else happening in the world.

Listen to the full song here.

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