Update: Police have located Lena Hernandez, the woman who was caught on camera jumping into racist tirades against Asian-Americans she encountered in public. People are upset with how the police have been handling the case.

Police have identified, found, and interviewed Lena Hernandez, the Latina Karen who went viral on social media.

Torrance Police Chief Eve Berg held a press conference to address the verbal assaults and updates with the case. One point of pushback was because the police, though they interviewed Hernandez, did not arrest her. There has also been no talk about charges being filed as of yet.

“The reason why we haven’t held a press conference or put out any information on this matter is because we didn’t want to compromise the integrity of this investigation,” she said last week. “We wanted to make sure we had positive identification from all the victims with this suspect.”

Original: A woman in Torrance has been identified after two videos of her verbally attacking Asian Americans went viral. The woman, identified as Lena Hernandez, is all over Twitter because of the videos.

The first video of Lena Hernandez verbally assaulting someone was this one.

According to a social media post, someone’s friend was exercising in a park in Torrance when Hernandez confronted her. The video shows Hernandez approaching the woman recording the video and yelling a series of expletive at her. At one point, Hernandez tells the woman to post the video on Facebook.

Hernandez also threatened physical harm to the woman by way of her family. Hernandez called the woman selfish and that her family would gladly attack her for how she reacted to her.

In the second video, Hernandez confronts a man in a parking lot and spews hateful language.

In the second video, Hernandez continued on saying that the people she was confronting should go back where they came from. This time, Hernandez goes further than saying to leave the country and tries to tell the man that people, in general, don’t want him there.

The video starts with Hernandez claiming that she is not racist but that the man should go home. The comment is a veiled attempt at saying “go back to your country” without using that specific phrase. Both people confronted by Hernandez kept their cool and simply stood their ground and documented the tirade.

People who live in Torrance have recognized the woman.

The videos have gained a lot of attention as they are happening at a time of heightened racial tensions in the U.S. People are demanding racial justice on all forms and people are taking notice of who is doing what. Private Facebook groups have popped up that are exposing people who make racist comments on social media and expose them.

The videos are reminding some people that we have to do better and educate our own community.

Racism is a serious issue in the Latino community. Many of us have explained it away as just how our parents or grandparents are. It is a reminder that we all have a lot of uncomfortable conversations to have with our family members.

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