Karol G’s Vogue México cover is hot off the press, and fans are reeling over her gorgeous natural beauty look, all the high fashion photographs, and an announcement few were expecting. 

The interview centers on the Colombian singer finding her inner power and liberating “la mujer salvaje” within her. Talking about the time spent in recording studios throughout her years in the industry, Karol G explained: “when I started out I would be aware of how as a woman I couldn’t cross certain lines, or I couldn’t talk about certain topics, or express myself in a certain way.” 

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When Karol G would see how men would sing and rap about whatever they wanted, she realized women had to often change their lyrics since it wasn’t “bien visto” to talk about sex or other real topics explicitly. Now she’s part of a group of women who “express what they feel” and she’s not turning back.

Another area of her life the singer is finding tons of freedom in? Acting. Karol G teased her acting debut back in November 2021 during her appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, telling the host, “I’m going to act… I have a surprise for my people in January. I’m going to start shooting a series for Netflix.” 

While some fans immediately thought she could be shooting a series about her rise to fame, she said, “it’s not about my life. I’m acting. I have a character, so I’m preparing myself for that.” With news breaking she had also hired an acting coach, saying, “I want to push myself as a woman and see how far I can go in everything,” the “Bichota” singer’s listeners were extremely curious to find out more about her upcoming role.

Thankfully, her recent Vogue México cover finally set the story straight.

As per the article, Karol G is set to appear in Netflix’s new series “Griselda,” starring fellow Colombian star Sofia Vergara, who also signed on as executive producer. The show follows infamous real-life Colombian drug queenpin Griselda Blanco, otherwise known as the “Godmother of Cocaine” or the “Black Widow.” Blanco is notorious for building an unstoppable, billion-dollar drug empire in the 70s and 80s, rivaling the exploits of other famous male cartel bosses like Pablo Escobar.

While fans couldn’t believe Vergara’s unrecognizable transformation in her portrayal of Blanco, they’re just as excited to soon get a glimpse of the “Location” songstress’s still-unknown role in the series.

Telling Vogue about her newfound love of acting, Karol G said, “it’s like another universe I hadn’t experienced. I’m in acting classes for body expression and the lessons have helped both my acting in the series and the work I do constantly (concerts, stage presence, expressing myself.” As per the singer, acting “is a world where everything nurtures everything.”

Karol G’s new ley de vida is about inspiring other women to live their truth. “If… something that I say or do can inspire women to feel uninhibited, to live peacefully, to free themselves… that is very special for me, because when I found that internally, it brought me to another level.”

And acting is definitely a part of that for her now. She told the outlet that she sees portraying characters as another part of her artistic self, saying, “it’s all about having the opportunity to explore as a woman everything I can do.”

The Medellín-born singer has always dreamed of trying her hand at different artforms, telling Vogue “it is a personal dream to see myself in several artistic scopes so in the future I can say: ‘I enjoyed my life, my career, I did everything I could and everything I couldn’t do, too.”