In response to the recent murder of George Floyd at the hands of the systemic oppression of Black people, artists across the globe are using their platforms to give voice to the Black Lives Matter movement. On Tuesday, many in the music industry blacked out their platforms in an effort to engage in widespread silence recognizing George Floyd’s death. We saw this from artists like Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Maluma in the form of blackout posts on Instagram.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, we’ve also seen a lack of participation in support for the Black community, for Latino artists like Bad Bunny Maluma, J Balvin, and Nicky Jam. We’ve also seen quite a bit of mistakes.

On Saturday, Karol G took to social media to deliver a message that has been slammed for its “All Lives Matter” tone.

In a recently deleted post, the Colombian singer wrote “The perfect example that Black and White together look beautiful #BlackLivesMatter.” To put a visual to her idea of racial harmony she posted an image of a dog with black and white spots.

Karol G’s post quickly received backlash in the comments section with many users commenting that her post was not only unhelpful but completely ignorant.

After a few hours, she deleted the post and released an apology written in both English and Spanish.

“I was wrong and I apologize. I want to make clear that my intentions were right in the photo I posted earlier. I meant to say that racism is terrible and that I cannot begin to understand it,” she wrote. “These past few days have been hard and its extremely painful to see it continue to happen. IT NEEDS TO STOP. There is only one race and that is the human race. I recognize that the way I expressed myself was not right.”

Karol G went onto explain that she supports Black Lives Matter and will work to continue to learn.

“I am still learning and taking active steps to help, aid and evoke change and I continue educating myself to understand the experience,” the singer wrote.

Here’s hoping Karol G and others take time to use their voices but learn and listen to the Black community first.