Images of protesters are spreading around the world as protesters fill streets across the world demanding racial justice. The death of George Floyd is one death over decades of police violence claiming innocent Black lives. The protests are bringing out the best and worst in people. Jesus “Chyno” Miranda posted a video about the protesters that did not go well.

Jesus “Chyno” Miranda shared some offensive views about the Black Lives Matter protesters.

“After being locked up at home, for I don’t know how long due to the quarantine, now we can’t go outside because of a bunch of imbeciles and delinquents,” Miranda says on camera. “‘In the name of protests and the injustice of the man of color who was murdered by the police, we are going out to rob, loot, burn down patrols, commit violence against anything in front of me.’ What does that accomplish? When your protest turns violent, then your cause and your message are less effective. So, please, stop the brutality you are all doing. Stop vandalizing private property and disrupting the peace for those of us who are trying to live in peace.”

Miranda added: “Fuck you, to all of you.”

His older quotes are starting to resurface and show a man ignoring the race issue.

“This racism thing is something I truly still find hard to believe,” Chyno tweeted. “In Venezuela, if I call any friend Black, no one takes offense. Blacks, whites, or brown, we are all the same.”

People on social media are ready to cancel the singer.

The cancel culture is real and it is hitting celebrities hard right now. Racist comments past and present are not being tolerated and the people behind them are being dumped with a quickness.

The video is not surprising to everyone who knows anything about Miranda.

It isn’t the first time that Miranda has made questionable comments about race on social media. These comments are cropping up a lot right now and people are not letting them go anymore. Miranda has deleted his video after receiving backlash.

Chyno has recently started deleting troublesome tweets that address race in unfavorable lights. He has also attacked feminists via Twitter.

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