As the hype builds for Marvel Studios’ latest series, “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law,” director Kat Coiro, who’s helming the series after working with Jennifer Lopez on this year’s “Marry Me,” is already planning to have Lopez appear on the show’s second season before the first one has even debuted.

In a recent interview with YouTube interviewer Tara Hitchcock, Koiro floated the possibility of bringing Lopez into the MCU, especially if “She-Hulk” is renewed for a second season. According to Hola, Koiro told her, “One of the brilliant things about working for Marvel is that you get any actor you want,” adding, “My dream is to bring J.Lo into the MCU, so… Put that out there.”

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Mashable reports that Koiro and Lopez had a blast filming “Marry Me,” which was a success for both NBC and Lopez, a rom-com veteran who has had no fewer than five memorable on-screen romances. In an Instagram post from earlier this year, Koiro called Lopez “Talented, driven, family-oriented, hard-working, thoughtful, prepared, intelligent, transcendent, sensational, just as awesome behind the scenes as she is on camera.”

Now, Koiro wants to bring that energy to the MCU, especially as “She-Hulk,” with the help of creator and former “Rick & Morty” writer Jessica Gao, attempts to break the MCU mold by offering a more character-driven story than most fans are used to. Fans even suggested Lopez as a possible She-Hulk as far back as 2018, so her appearance on the show wouldn’t be out of line with what fans already want.

If she were to agree, Lopez would join an ever-growing list of A-list celebrities who have appeared in the MCU, some that seemed like a longshot even to the franchise’s producers. Angelina Jolie, Glenn Close, Harry Styles and even Matt Damon have made appearances in the MCU to varying degrees, but it’s true that Marvel is able to get just about anybody to appear in at least one of their movies.

Coiro also mentioned how easy it would be to integrate Lopez into the show, noting that “She-Hulk” “could literally have any character who has ever existed in the MCU or who will ever exist pass through these doors, and it wouldn’t feel like a gratuitous cameo. It would feel completely organic.”

According to Comic Book Resources (CBR), this includes fan-favorite Charlie Cox, who played Matt Murdock and his alter-ego Daredevil on Netflix for two seasons before making a surprise cameo in 2021’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” He is expected to make a cameo on “She-Hulk,” although the capacity of that cameo is still unknown. “The Marvel police is a real thing, and I don’t want to get arrested by them,” Koiro said.

As for Lopez, Koiro sees her potential inclusion as perfectly in line with the work Marvel has done to prioritize diversity in their superhero offerings. “The MCU has done such a great job of bringing female characters to the forefront. And I think this is just part of that evolution and that step. So I was talking about the new generation, just having it be normal to have female superheroes. My dream is that they aren’t called ‘female superheroes’ anymore,” she said.