Jenni Rivera’s children released the latest tribute to their mother in a mix of poignant emotion and determination. “Pedacito De Mí” is the first single from “Misión Cumplida,” La Diva de la Banda’s posthumous album.

The song is a testament to the late icon‘s legacy, brilliantly brought to life by the people closest to her — her children.

“Pedacito de Mí” features the vocal talents of Jacqie Marín and Chiquis, Jenni’s eldest daughters. The song also features a musical cameo by Jenicka, her youngest daughter.

The video incorporates appearances by all of Jenni Rivera’s children and grandchildren, making it a profoundly personal family tribute.

A ‘Pedacito’ of Jenni Rivera

In an exclusive interview with mitú, Jacqie Marín, Jenicka, and Johnny López, three of Rivera’s five children, recounted that the song was written by their mother when she was pregnant with Johnny.

“The first time we heard this particular song was in 2015 when my sister Chiquis sang it at an event for my mom’s birthday, about seven years ago. But I didn’t know my mom had recorded the song in the studio until last year,” recalled Johnny, who is in charge of his mom’s archive.

Reflecting on “Pedacito de Mí” and the journey that led to its release, Marín described it as his favorite in an album of very special songs.

“We chose to sing it and mix our voices with my mom’s on this one because it’s the song that represents Jenni Rivera, the mother, our mother,” she explained.

Doing catharsis and transforming the pain

According to Jenni Rivera’s children, they have been working together for more than a year on this album.

“Definitely, upon hearing it all, it’s like…. all the effort was worth it. It’s a mission accomplished. But also for us, as her children,” said Marín, now CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, the company in charge of preserving and expanding Jenni Rivera’s legacy.

Johnny, who was 11 years old when his mother died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, is still looking forward to experiencing the album as a fan.

“I feel like I’m still working on it. I feel like when Friday comes, I will listen to it as I wake up,” he said.

“To me, it’s worth it. As Jackie said, all the effort, the pain, everything we’ve gone through, it’s finally here,” Jenicka said of the more than a decade of mourning she has carried after her mother’s passing.

Jenni Rivera’s ‘Misión Cumplida’

Like an immanent message, the album “Misión Cumplida” showcases Jenni Rivera’s raw and powerful voice on eight unreleased tracks.

Her children believe this album represents a complete snapshot of their mother’s life and legacy.

And while Jenni Rivera’s voice will always resonate with her fans, the Rivera family believes there is still much more to share.

“Our main focus moving forward will be the Monterrey documentary,” Johnny Rivera said of the film that follows Jenni’s final concert. “We are going to remaster the live concert albums [and] are very excited about that. We always have my mom’s merch, and our goal was to elevate its quality,” said Johnny Rivera.

Undoubtedly, “Pedacito de Mí” and, in general, the entire album “Misión Cumplida” are poignant reminders of the love, strength, and unity inherent in Jenni Rivera’s legacy.