A recent self-dismembering by an incel member brings the principles of an eye for an eye and karma to the ultimate nexus in this news story.

In Virginia, last Friday Cole Carini, a 23-year-old man, was charged in federal court for his connection to an incel bomb attack on “hot cheerleaders.” At some point in staging his attack, Carini accidentally blew off his hand with explosives. Fortunately, no other people were hurt.

Last Tuesday, Carini sought emergency medical assistance at a hospital in Richlands, Virginia after he blew his hand off.

Carini showed up at the hospital with “one hand missing, several fingers amputated, and shrapnel wounds to his neck and throat.” On Friday, Carini was charged in federal court for lying to FBI agents about his part in the plot . Carini told agents that his extensive injuries came at the hands of lawnmower accidents.

“When asked if he remembered what happened to put him in hospital,” authorities wrote in a criminal complaint, “Carini told the [FBI] Agents that he was mowing his yard and the mower flipped over in such a way that it [dragged] his hands into the blades and because the blades were spinning so fast it acted like a bomb.”

When FBI agents searched Carini’s home they found a trail of blood leading to a bedroom.

At the bloody scene, “the blinds had been shredded by shrapnel and the walls and ceilings were covered with blood spatters and chunks of human flesh.” Agents at the scene said that they also came across explosive chemicals and a box of rusty nails. They also found PVC pipes and hot plates that could be used to make bombs. On top of this, the grass at Carini’s home was 6-inches high grass and showed no signs of having been cut.

Authorities also found a letter that detailed Carini’s intentions of being a suicide bomber “walking through a shopping mall while concealing ‘deadly objects’ to target a ‘stage of hot cheerleaders.'”

“I will not be afraid of the consequences,” the letter read according to Buzzfeed. “No matter what I will be heroic. I will make a statement like Elliot Rodgers [sic] did., he thought to himself.”

Carini’s letter was a reference to Elliot Rodger a domestic terrorist who killed six people including himself in a 2014 attack in Santa Barbara.

Carini is currently facing one charge of lying to FBI agents.