As we near the end of 2021, we also quickly transition into our final Mercury Reggaeton of the year. Yes, that’s correct, our last Mercury retrograde of the year! On average, Mercury retrogrades three to four times a year. We begin Libra season with a chatty and charming Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra from September 27th to October 17th. 

No te preocupes. Mercury retrograde isn’t here to ruin your life. In fact, quite the contrary. This final retrograde will be a positive one. However, you do want to be mindful of not moving too fast and be sure to take things slow and be methodical. You can expect people and processes to tone down the tempo as well. Planning ahead to meet deadlines is an optimal form of preparation for this last tango with Mercury Retrograde of 2021.

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Libra is a cardinal sign in Astrology, meaning it helps us put things into gear and drive. This Libra season you could find yourself focused on friendships, partnerships and love. Your dynamic with others will take precedence in your life as you’ll focus on either making amends, strengthening bonds, or terminating contracts. It’s time to balance the scales, baby! 

Libra is an air sign, which encourages us to express our intellect and do so in a demeanor that is charismatic. You could be inspired this season to mingle more than you do so on an average basis. Feeling inspired to call up a long-lost relative? Do it! Ready to gather the pack and host a Zoom party for your amigas? Go for it! Libra season wants you to take things lightheartedly. Find the fun in it all. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take risks and wander into new territories of growth.

Read on for your Libra season horoscope based on your sun and/or rising sign. 


Feeling romantic are you, Aries? Yup, Libra season will do that to you. Bring the spark into your love department and watch it work wonders. As it relates to business, there is an opportunity to renegotiate contracts and get the terms you desire. This is a wonderful time to get your personal and professional objectives in order. Refine for success. Being deliberate with your actions will turn heads. 


Unexpected news and shocking secrets will be all the rage for you this Libra season. The good thing is that they aren’t about you! However, focusing your energy on debts and taxes could be taking up much of your time. Investing and saving is key for you, Taurus. Look into financial planning and wealth distribution. Give back if you can, for it will benefit you in the long run.


Sorry to say, but travel plans might need to be put on pause this Libra season. Gemini, don’t get discouraged if there are delays in your everyday routine. Yes, that means you’re more likely to have unexpected events occur that make you late for the arrival to places. Allow yourself extra time to travel this zodiac season and prepare for the unlikely. Spirituality will pique your interest during this time. Enjoy some self-help or spiritual books as you expand your consciousness.


You’re more prone to miscommunication this Libra season as opposed to the rest of the zodiac signs. Cancer, you mean well and your intentions are always so genuine. Don’t take it personally if communication issues occur among colleagues. Following up in person with folks could be a great strategy to avoid any strange misperceptions from others. Libra season will have you longing to lounge. Rest and recharge. Take some paid time off you. You’ll feel fabulous after!


Don’t be perplexed if you run into an old friend or a ghost from your past. This Mercury retrograde will pull out some quirky coincidences. Reconnecting with those you least expect can be a refreshing experience. This Libra season is inspiring you to revisit your personal blueprint of success. You’re feeling lavish and worthy. Yes, queen! Go after that dream! You deserve it all. Allow the Libra new moon on October 6th to be your inspirational guide.


You’re extra psychic and sensitive this Libra season. You’re going deep within the form of introspection as you uncover your inner philosopher. Virgo, get lost in a good book or binge on documentaries during this time. You’re meant to go inward and recluse from the outside world. You’re feeling the pain of humanity and disassociating from the illusions of the matrix. Coming out of Libra season you’ll find yourself with profound enlightenment and will be ready to share your inquisitive revelations.


¡Feliz cumple, Libra! Time to pull out all the stops and share that amazing wardrobe you have in your closet. As our fashionista of the Zodiac tribe, this season it’s time to revamp your style and express your personality. You could feel inspired to explore a darker and grungier style this birthday season with Mercury retrograde sparking your first house of identity. Nothing is permanent so play with the new inspo! You might need to revisit an old issue with a friend. Trust once and for all, you’ll receive the closure you deserve.


You’re thinking about the long haul this Libra season. Scorpio, you’re focused on planning for your future and how to set yourself up for success. You might have to cut some costs in order to prepare for strategy. You’re inspired to get your finances in order. This is a great time as it relates to money for you. Finances need some tidying up, but overall you can score some unexpected cash. Who doesn’t like that? Remember, you manifested that! Look at you, Scorpio, living a life of abundance. Well deserved. 


Sag, you’ve gone into hermit mode thanks to Virgo’s mutable energy. This Libra season is encouraging you to come out and play. This is a time of reviewing contracts and gathering data before making any big decisions. Circumstances surrounding business might drag out a bit longer. Patience is required for you this Libra season. Journaling will be very grounding for you at this time. You might find writing out your thoughts is not only healing, but productive when the delivery of words might fail you. 


Feeling emotional this Libra season? So not your style, Cap. You’re known for your organized and well put together reputation. Usually, you prefer to keep your insecurities on the low. Libra season is inspiring you to revisit any neglected healing. Crying is healthy. Crying is healing. Allow yourself to journey in the depths of your emotional intelligence. There’s wisdom waiting to be explored. You’ll find strength in your vulnerability this Libra season. 


You’re feeling refreshed this Libra season. Ideas (not coffee) are fueling you this season. You could excel in starting new projects, especially around the Libra new moon on October 6th. Best advice? You’ll thrive more if you flow. Forcing anything at this time will only put you into stalemate energy territory. You could also experience the return of an ex or a second chance at pursuing a love interest that wasn’t able to get off the ground. Revival in the love department is full steam ahead.


The September 20th Pisces full moon probably did some major clearing for you. You needed time to process the transformation. Buenas noticias! Libra season is helping you get back into your groove. You’re feeling extra giving this time of year. Donating or getting involved in charity work will be healing for you. You’re the empath of the zodiac, so this isn’t anything out of the ordinary for you. Libra season will have you busy cleaning house and organizing social justice work.