If you’ve been smart enough to tune into Netflix’s newest reality tv series “Love Is Blind” then you know all KINDS of drama occurred during the last episode of the season.

There were marriages, breakups, tears, screams, and a jilted runaway bride. Yep, when Giannina was rejected at the altar by her “person” and fiance Damian the girl took off in her heels, veil flying behind her. The dramatic moment left many watching the series, wondering if the same couple who promised to love each other until the end found that their final chapter actually ended there.

Turns, out it didn’t.

The big wedding rejection turned out to be just a blip between Giannina and Damian.


Giannina and Damian might not have had the most dramatic, or toxic, relationship on the show, but their end on the series proved to be beyond the dramatic. They found love in one another in the pod dates and got engaged after just a few days and ultimately opened up their relationship to see each other and a series of highs and low blows. It’s why when the big day came for the two of them to be married, few were certain about how the “I dos” would go. And ultimately, they didn’t. Giannina, who’d expressed her reservations and “missing butterflies” for Damian, said yes but in a wild plot twist, he said no.

Of course, passionate Giannina was humiliated, enraged and streaming tears.

Fortunately, hours after their break up, the two got back together.


According to a recent interview with G and Damian, the couple got back together soon after their dramatic wedding fallout.

“We met back at the apartment that we had rented on the show even after they had shut it down,” Damian told People in an interview.

As for getting back into her parents’ good graces after he’d left her at the altar, Giannina says things are all good.

He was so scared. My mom and my dad and my stepdad were all obviously very hurt because I was hurting. But once I showed them, ‘I’m not hurting, guys. He’s got me. We have each other. The circumstances were so extreme. I’m not holding it against him and neither should you,'” she explained. They were just like, ‘All right, let’s see where this goes.’ My dad and him have the funniest relationship. My mom won’t stop gushing about him. It’s not even an issue.”

The couple appeared side by side at the reunion special of the Netflix series and confirmed they are still in it to win it.

“We are so together,” Giannina beamed during the reunion. “Like, every single day, waking up next to each other and going to the gym together. I don’t want to lose this, and I didn’t.”

Watch the special here.