The Grammys already feel like a distant memory. But the Bennifer 2.0 memes continue to roll in. Between music’s biggest night, J.Lo’s new Amazon Prime movie, and Ben Affleck‘s latest directorial effort, it’s an exciting time for the high-profile couple. Even still, all anyone cares about is what they were saying to each other at that table!

One of their tablemates insists the couple was having a blast

According to one of their tablemates at the Grammys, a seat-filler named Anna who posted more about the night on TikTok, they were actually having a great time. In her TikTok, Anna explains that Lopez was actually showing Affleck the memes in real-time, prompting his now-infamous scoff. “He knew during the performance that he was a meme,” she said.

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Besides that, the couple was “cute and shit” for the rest of the night. Although, Anna admits she was afraid to talk to Affleck because there were moments when he did look miserable, even if he wasn’t. “They were super lovey-dovey,” Anna reaffirmed. “Their hands were always intertwined.”

Anna was a seat filler for Dwayne Johnson and his wife, Lauren Hashian. However, Anna ended up staying in that seat for the majority of the show. Apparently, Affleck lifted up Lopez’s dress a bit too high as he helped her up from her seat. But even then, she playfully screamed “Honey!” before the two made their exit.


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The Bennifer 2.0 lip readings begin

However, not everyone’s buying it. Not only because J.Lo isn’t holding a phone when Affleck does the scoff. But because, as the internet is prone to do, everyone is taking the time to try and read their lips.


😬😬😬 That look on her face when she realizes they’re on camera.

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Social media users are doing something similar with Bennifer 2.0’s appearance at the premiere of Lopez’s new movie, “Shotgun Wedding.” The couple looked similarly miserable on that particular red carpet and people can’t help but weigh in on what the couple was saying to each other.


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Here, there are a couple of theories. The prevailing one, thus far, is that J.Lo appears to be checking Affleck’s drink for alcohol. The “Good Will Hunting” actor has been battling a highly-publicized alcohol addiction for most of his life.

He even played a recovering alcoholic in Gavin O’Connor’s “The Way Back” at the same time he was suffering a relapse. Unfortunately, Affleck’s addiction has often been fodder for online commenters and content creators.

However, if Lopez really was checking his drink for alcohol, that would only reaffirm the love and care they have for each other, right? People are pointing to the fact that she takes the smallest sip possible from the cup as proof that she was not drinking her own drink but was, in fact, testing Ben’s.

Lopez responds while promoting her hubby’s new movie

Perhaps the most exciting piece of news this week is the fact that Ben Affleck directed a new movie! Starring him and Matt Damon! About the creation of Air Jordans! How are we not freaking out more about this?!

The new movie, titled “Air,” tells the story of Sonny Vaccaro, a shoe salesman who pursues basketball legend Michael Jordan to create one of the most iconic sneakers of all time.

Based on a Black List screenplay by newcomer Alex Convery — with a quick rewrite by Affleck and Damon — the upcoming film is already one of the year’s most anticipated movies. Sharing a trailer for the upcoming biopic, Lopez snuck in a little Affleck meme on her Instagram.

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Honestly, unless their entire relationship is one ongoing publicity stunt, it seems like things between Bennifer 2.0 are just fine. Every couple fights. Sometimes couples fight in public. Maybe a relationship two decades in the making that has more or less dominated the news cycle in recent months is one worth rooting against, for many people.

However, they either have the greatest publicists on the planet or they’re just having some fun with the drama. Regardless, the most important thing here, once again, is that Ben Affleck directed a new movie and it looks amazing.