Last year marked the production commencement of the highly expected series on Gloria Trevi’s life. Needless to say, the buzz is generating immense anticipation among her fans.

“Ellas soy yo” will show Trevi in a new light, with five actresses chosen to portray the renowned pop singer at various stages of her life. Also, we’re expecting intriguing facts to be revealed. We’re not mad.

This fictional show will provide an in-depth portrayal of Trevi’s personal life, family, and the controversies she faced. This includes her time in prison after accusations of rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors over two decades ago.

Carla Estrada, the producer of “Ellas soy yo,” took to her social media platforms to announce the casting decisions. The post revealed the names of the actresses selected to depict the 54-year-old Mexican star during significant periods of her life on the screen.

We’re breaking down all the juicy details below.

Get ready to meet the many versions of Gloria Trevi

Let’s just say this star-studded cast will surely take our breath away. Luca Montellano will portray Trevi at the age of 4, Valentina Delgado and Lu Rosette will embody her at 7 and 14, respectively, covering the pre-adolescent phase.

Regina Valverde plays the singer during her teenage years, marking the initial stage of her life. Then, Scarlet Gruber will take the lead in the second stage, representing the actress’s adult life.

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The upcoming television series will feature notable characters. Plot twist, however? Cesar Santiago, played by Jorge Poza, will play a character based on Sergio Andrade. It is unclear why the character was switched, but Andrade is incarcerated for allegations of abusing and raping several artists under his representation.

Ingrid Martz will assume the role of Gloria Ruiz Arredondo, Trevi’s mother, while Majo Edgar will depict María Raquenel, widely recognized as Mary Boquitas. Sian Chiong will be Javier, the actress’s first love.

Trevi expressed her gratitude in a touching post

In a video shared on the production’s official Instagram account in November of last year, the “Pelo Suelto” and “Todos me miran” singer expressed heartfelt appreciation to the five young girls for their dedicated work in portraying her:

“First, I would like to express my gratitude for your invaluable presence in this immensely significant project. It marks the first time that I will be sharing my life story, and you will be embodying me,” she wrote. “I understand that for some of you, it won’t be an easy task as you step into my shoes, which at times can be filled with drama and tears, but also with a lot of music and profound love for many people,” she added.

The show will air in September — with special testimonies of survivors of physical or sexual violence

Fans can get the Takis ready for the series debut on Sept. 4 on the Las Estrellas channel, part of TelevisaUnivision.

Additionally, testimonies of women who have survived physical, psychological, or sexual violence in their relationships will be showcased.

Among the many voices, we’ll hear from Ninel Conde, Tefi Valenzuela, Aleida Núñez and Mary Paz Banquells, among others.