The newest season of “Euphoria” premiered on Sunday night, which means the internet is once again abuzz with talk about all the amazing fashion moments from the controversial HBO series with the Latina queens Maddy Perez and Kat Hernandez

While the show has garnered rave critical reviews for its gritty depiction of Gen-Z adolescence, a large subset of its audience tunes in for another thing altogether: the clothes.

Each of the characters have specific individual styles that reflect their personalities and character arcs. And while we appreciate what all the characters on “Euphoria” bring to the table, there are two that we stan a little harder than the others: Maddy Perez and Kat Hernandez

Played by Mexican-American actress Alexa Demie and Brazilian-American actress Barbie Ferreira, Maddy and Kat light up our screens with their edgy and trendy fashion choices.

In honor of the season 2 premiere of “Euphoria,” here are our favorite fashion moments so far from Maddy Perez and Kat Hernandez:


Kat Hernandez and Maddy Perez
Credit: @euphoria/Instagram

Let’s start off strong with two of our favorite outfits from Maddy and Kat. In Season 1, episode 3, Maddy and Kat wear two eye-catching ensembles to the mall. Kat’s is a two-tone denim overall dress over a white tee. Maddy’s is a salmon and blue mohair skirt suit. These outfits cemented the two characters as undeniable fashion icons.


Kat Hernandez in sexy red outfit
Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO

Post-bad girl transformation, Kat wears this jaw dropping BDSM-inspired outfit. We can’t take our eyes off of this sheer red top paired with a leather harness. And who can forget the accompanying line? “There’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a f*ck.” We stan.


Maddy Perez in sheer silver two piece dress
Credit: @euphoria/Instagram

Who could forget this head-turning sheer two-piece dress that Maddy wore to her high school winter formal? According to “Euphoria” costume designer Heidi Bivens, this outfit was inspired by the controversial dress that Rose McGowan wore to the 1998 VMAs. Amazing.


Gif of Kat Hernandez walking down hallway
Courtesy HBO via Giphy

Even before Kat’s big transformation, her style was still on-point. We love how she rocked geek-chic fashion, like this dark red collared shirt with black pants.

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Maddy Perez in purple dress
Courtesy HBO via Tenor

This ’90s inspired purple daisy dress perfectly captures Maddy’s one of two personas: popular girl next door. Her other persona, vampy seductress, makes a debut depending on her agenda.


Another “Bad Kitty” look, we love this ensemble from season 1, episode 5, when Kat goes to school in a pleather skirt paired with a zebra-patterned graphic tee with the words “Baby Girl” emblazoned on the front. The sunglasses are simply the icing on top.


Alexa Demie looking off camera
Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO

This outfit is not as familiar to some fans… yet. And that’s because it’s from season 2. We’re pretty sure that this outfit alone with spark a surge in the ripped-tees pinned together with safety pins. The mohair beret is also to-die-for.


Kat Hernandez walking in the hallway confidently
Courtesy HBO via Giphy

One of the most memorable fashion moments from season 1 is when Kat made her high school appearance after doing a complete overhaul of her look. Gone were the jeans and collared shirts. Instead, she stomped down the hallways of her high school in a very Hot Topic getup of a plaid skirt, black bustier, fishnets and combat boots.


The queen of activewear. Even when she’s at dance practice in sweats, Maddy looks amazing. We especially love with two-piece white Louis Vuitton ensemble.


Maddy Perez holding hands with Nate Jacobs
Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO

As you can tell from this list, Maddy is the queen of two-piece outfits. Her character may have actually single-handedly brought them back in style. We especially love this denim two-piece outfit from Season 1, episode 3. Canadian tuxedoes have never looked so good!


Leave it to Maddy to wear a sexy cutout LBD with matching elbow-length fingerless gloves. We love to see it.

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