When it comes to television, everyone loves the classics. Game Of Thrones. Sex And The City. The Sopranos. All of these classic HBO Original shows might be from different genres, but they have one thing in common: nobody looks like us! Don’t get us wrong, the classics are great! But it’s time for a new generation of TV to step in.

Lucky for us, HBO Max is here to deliver. Not only do they have all the classics on deck, but they also have a whole slate of new original shows full of diverse characters who look, act, think, and feel like we do! We’re talking Latinos, Latinas, Latinxs, Latines. We’re talking the entire spectrum of color. We’re talking all sexualities and gender identities.

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These are the shows that the next generation will be talking about when they’re adults. These are the new classics.

1. Gossip Girl

Wait, Gossip Girl? Like, that show from 10 years ago? How is that a new classic? Well, this ain’t the Gossip Girl you remember. This sequel series takes place at the same pretty private school as the original, but features a brand new crew of super rich kids. Only this time, the Queen B of Constance Billard is a WOC influencer with major online clout. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss the drama on the Upper East Side and can’t wait to see how things have changed in 2021. XOXO.

2. Euphoria

AlI have to say about this one is: ZENDAYA. Honestly, we’d watch anything that queen stars in. The good news is that the HBO Original Euphoria has so much more to offer than Zendaya serving fierce club looks (but don’t worry, there’s plenty of that)! The show has beautiful imagery and cinematography while exploring important themes like addiction and transgender issues. The show has already cemented its place as a new classic with its Emmy® award winning season 1 and we can’t wait for season 2!

3. Genera+ion

Without the extreme wealth of the Gossip Girl teens or the psychedelic parties of the Euphoria teens, the teens of Genera+ion offer a much more realistic look at what high school in a suburban neighborhood is like. Set in Orange County, California, the show focuses on what it’s like to grow up, discover your identity outside of the way you were raised, and generally just figure it all out. With some amazing performances from a killer LGBTQ+ cast and themes of going against the “norm,” this is definitely a show worth adding to the new classics list!

4. Todxs Nosotrxs

When it comes to representation we’ve made big strides in certain areas but we’ve yet to see more non-binary characters grace our screens. Thankfully the HBO Original Todxs Nosotrxs breaks that mold and puts a Latinx non-binary lead front and center! This Brazilian show follows Rafa as they discover their gender identity while navigating their move from the country to the big city of São Paolo. What makes this show so unique is how fully formed and fleshed out these characters are. Yes, they are diverse, but they’re also complex, flawed, and layered. And that’s when representation is true representation.

5. Titans S3

The Teen Titans are a classic superhero team that have been featured in comics, TV shows, and movies…but never like this! Known for its darker and more adult tone, Titans looks to get even more dramatic in the third season. Based on the classic Red Hood storyline from the comics, this season finds our team of young superheroes headed to Gotham City to stop a new villain in town. If you love your comic book shows filled with diverse heroes and villains you should watch every season now to get ready for season 3! We especially recommend season 2 as it stars Puerto Rican superstar Esai Morales as the one and only Deathstroke!

So there you have it. Five great new shows that are destined to be talked about for years to come. So if you want to finally see yourself represented on the small screen, check out HBO Max and stream all of these new classics today!