Bad Bunny‘s “Un Verano Sin Ti” was the unofficial album of summer 2022 — you could even argue fans were devout to it. Well, a Chicago pastor is taking the El Conejo Malo frenzy to a whole new level, bringing one of his most famous hits to church.

Pastor Dr. Danny Martinez, a self-professed “singer, bishop, teacher, preacher, dad and funny man,” recently went viral for belting out a song at church. “Ave María,” perhaps? Nope.

He chose Bad Bunny’s song “Me Porto Bonito” with a whole new spin to it. Spoiler alert: it’s kind of a bop.


Parodia de “Me porto bonito” con “No eres pastorcito sino eres pastorsote”. #badbunny #goodbunny #pastorbunny #ironheartofficial #humilde #parodia

♬ original sound – Danny Martinez

Martinez posted his remixed church version of “Me Porto Bonito” on TikTok. Since then, it’s amassed more than 2 million views. He captioned it, “No eres pastorcito sino eres pastorsote,” and we can’t even make all of this up.

Everything to know about “El Pastor Bad Bunny” who remixed “Me Porto Bonito” in church

Ah, who doesn’t love jamming to Bad Bunny? “En la iglesia se siente el olor de tu perfume…” right? Well, not exactly — but this is Pastor Danny Martinez’s world and we’re just living in it.

As you can see in the viral video of the hilarious moment, Pastor Martinez sings with a backing band: “Ey… En la iglesia se siente el olor de tu perfume, tu eres Cristiana yo soy un Cristiano y eso nos une.”

Translated to “In the church you can feel the scent of your perfume, you’re a Christian, I’m a Christian and that joins us,” it’s pretty different from the O.G. song which talks about… being a “frikitona” and well, “bellaquera.”

Then again, porque no los dos?

There’s no doubt Martinez is the epitome of, “I’m not a regular pastor, I’m a cool pastor,” and we’re living for it.

The Chicago-native continues, “Ella sabe que va a la iglesia y no lo presume, si yo fuera tu pastor subiera tu foto los viernes y los lunes,” A.K.A. “She knows she goes to church and doesn’t show it off, if I was your pastor I would upload your photo Fridays and Mondays.”

Well, okay then!

Pastor Martinez said he sang the track at a charity event for an orphanage

Speaking to Telemundo, Martinez gave new fans a bit of background on his epic version of Bad Bunny’s song.

“That video everyone saw went viral for a 29-second clip that I did in a concert,” he explained. “The concert I do every year to benefit an orphanage called Casa Guatemala.”

He described his belief that “the music has the power to reach the heart.”

Where did he get inspired to remix the song “Me Porto Bonito”? Unbelievably enough, it actually comes from Don Francisco.

He explained, “I learned [the song] from a parody I saw with Don Francisco, I don’t know if you saw that clip, where they sing to [him]. That’s where I learned it.” Still, Martinez changed up the lyrics himself to fit into a church setting. Watch the Don Francisco clip here:

So, has El Conejo Malo reached out to Martinez? Unfortunately, not yet. But Martinez said he would receive messages from the singer “with love” and tell him, “God loves him, too.”

Martinez told Telemundo that he’s always looking to add more material to his repertoire — possibly including songs by Shakira or Karol G.

“It’s possible that I’ll change another song that draws attention from young people,” he said. “Because I’m going to have to sing one at the next charity event.”

Martinez shared he is “thankful” to his new supporters, and for the critiques, too


Gracias Por el apoyo que he recibido. Estoy muy agradecido. Les invito a que visiten mi canal de YouTube y escuchen la música que Dios me ha dado. Alguna salsa pero la mayoría es rock y alabanza. Un abrazo todos #badbunny#goodbunny#pastordanny

♬ original sound – Danny Martinez

Over on TikTok, Martinez said he is “thankful” for all “the support he has received” from new fans. “Beautiful people of TikTok, I want to thank you for receiving my videos beautifully. It’s been great to receive so much support, so many critiques, too.”

He wasn’t kidding about the critiques. While some people commented, “😁😁 I can’t stop laughing ! Good one Danny” and “You’re the best,” others weren’t so sure.

On a TikTok repost of the video, many wrote about their disappointment. “You respect the altar, I don’t know how they didn’t bring him down from there.” Another one said, “Where are we headed, God” and “Unbelievable 🤦‍♀️.”

Still, Martinez told Telemundo that the negative comments on his video don’t faze him.

He explained, “If there was someone who was offended, or saw the video as offensive, I’ll invite them to understand the words of Jesus, don’t judge.”