The upcoming movie “Dune: Part Two” had its Mexico City premiere on Tuesday, taking place at the city’s Auditorio Nacional.

Stars like Zendaya, 27, Timothée Chalamet, 28, Austin Butler, 32, and Florence Pugh, 28, walked the red carpet and greeted their die-hard Mexican fanbase. And while the international red carpet tour kickoff was a success, it was by no means average. In fact, it was chaotic— in the best way possible. We’re talking lucha libre masks, lifesize cardboard cutouts, and yes, some Dr. Simi dolls.

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One X user posted about the “Dune: Part Two” cast’s Mexico City appearance, writing: “Mexico is always so surreal and magical at the same time.” The user added, “It is what the cast needed to learn.” We couldn’t agree more!

Ahead, find all of the delightfully-chaotic moments that occurred at Mexico City’s “Dune: Part Two” premiere, including a hilarious santo card trend you’re not expecting.

The “Dune: Part Two” cast’s Mexico City press run gave us Selección Nacional jerseys and lots of santo cards

First off, during the “Dune: Part Two” cast’s Mexico City press tour, we got Timothée Chalamet… in a Selección Nacional de México jersey:

Wearing the 1993 version of the jersey, Chalamet took to Warner Bros. Pictures Mexico’s Instagram before the premiere. Accompanied by “Dune: Part Two” costar Butler, Chalamet read fan comments while smiling in his green jersey. The best part, though? The American-French actor also spoke in Spanish, telling fans, “Los amo!”

Once arriving at the premiere’s red carpet, Chalamet wore a lucha libre-style gold mask that seems to have been a gift from a fan.

As shown on Warner Bros. Pictures Mexico’s IG, the 28-year-old star paired his gray suit with the leather mask, leading to much excitement. The user who reportedly gifted him the mask proudly commented on IG, “He liked the mask I gave him.” Another fan who attended the event added: “He was the one who interacted with fans the most… he took the time to say hi to everyone.”

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Throughout the premiere’s red carpet, things got even more interesting. For one, an X user is going viral for gifting the “Dune: Part Two” cast their very own santo cards. And by that, we mean that the santo cards have their faces on them. May we present to you “San Austin [Butler]”:

Not to be outdone, Zendaya also got her own santo card… sort of. The same X user gave the “Euphoria” actress a santo card depicting her fellow actor boyfriend Tom Holland, 27. We’re living for her adorable reaction:

More photos of the premiere show that another person had a similar idea— in essence, to sort of deify the cast? Say “hello” to San Timothée:

Getty Images

Not to be outdone, another “Dune” fan showed up with a life-size cardboard cutout of Butler. Because… why not?

AFP via Getty Images

While all of that was happening, a red carpet reporter also asked Zendaya about “where [she] left Spider-Man,” referencing her boyfriend, Holland. Now, a moment of silence for the awkwardness of this interaction:

And then, the moment we were all waiting for. Actress Florence Pugh got her own Dr. Simi doll… dressed up as her “Midsommar” character of course. IYKYK:

With a fan even getting the chance to explain to Butler the significance of his iconic iCarly meme, it’s safe to say the “Dune: Part Two” Mexican press tour was iconic.