Diego Tinoco is definitely a rising star. Known for his talent and looks, the Mexican-Ecuadorian actor is passionate about representing Latinos through his art and activism.

Born November 25, 1997, in Anaheim, California, Diego grew up speaking English and Spanish.

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“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to speak both languages, although I speak Spanglish best,” he told Mitú. Laughing, with a twinkle in his eyes, he describes himself as being in the 200% club: “100% Latino and 100% American.”

For Diego Tinoco, the passion for the performing arts came from an early age

Diego’s interest in acting began when he was a teenager. The young actor began pursuing it in earnest in 2016 when he moved to Los Angeles to attend college.

“My parents at the beginning thought it was just a phase, but nowadays, they are totally on board with my career,” he said.

In fact, today, his father is his acting coach.

“He helps me learn the scripts and prepare my characters.” He comes with me to the sets,” Diego reveals, “I think he is more of a movie star than I will ever be.”

Diego Tinoco’s big break came in 2018 when he was cast to play Cesar Diaz in the hit Netflix series “On My Block.”

The series follows a group of friends navigating high school in a tough inner-city neighborhood. Diego’s performance was widely praised and quickly became a fan favorite.

The young actor was able to seize the opportunity

Diego’s success in “On My Block” led him to other opportunities in the entertainment industry. Diego’s success in “On My Block” led him to other opportunities in the entertainment industry. In 2020, he starred as “Tybalt” in R#J Romeo & Juliet, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Now, Diego Tinoco is one of the stars of the new movie “Knights of the Zodiac.”

In the film, which opens next Friday, May 12, he plays Nero, “a guy with many traumas that make him look like a bad guy, but with a lot of room to mature,” Diego described.

“I am very proud to represent all my Latino people on the big screen in Hollywood. I want Latino kids to see this movie and feel proud to be Latino and to feel the power in their blood,” he added.

Now, his schedule is busy and promising

Diego Tinoco has already finished shooting the crime thriller “Bad Hombres.” The story follows two undocumented immigrants who take a job digging a hole and then learn that their employers are criminals.

Tinoco will also participate in “Muzzle,” a crime film, and has been cast in the lead role of “Mourning War.”

Undoubtedly, Diego Tinoco’s future is as bright as his smile.