2020 hasn’t been just a big ball of suck for you.

Demi Lovato admitted over the weekend at Sunday’s E! People’s Choice Awards ceremony that the year has been a great big dumpster fire for her as well. While acting as host for the event of the evening, Lovato joked about being forced to take the strange and scary year in stride touching on everything from her Netflix binging choices and the end of her engagement with Max Ehrich.

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While kicking off People’s Choice Awards, Lovato got real about her bizarre tunnel of quarantine love.

Just two months ago, Demi Lovato was an engaged woman. She and her former fiancé confirmed that they’d become engaged just two months after dating. Then, she announced that the pair had broken things off. Soon after, Ehrich revealed that he was having a difficult time with the engagement by addressing it various times on Instagram.

Demi, on the other hand, kept pretty mum about the break up for the most part. Recently she did drop a surprise song, which fans have speculated was about the end of their relationship, but for the most part, she’s been good about staying tight-lipped.

Still, it seems Demi can have a little bit of a laugh over the relationship.

At the start of her People’s Choice monologue, Lovato joked, “This year has been the longest three years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it started out amazing. I performed at the Grammys, and sung ‘The National Anthem’ at the Super Bowl, but then COVID hit.”

Demi went onto share that she was quick to adapt to quarantine life. “I did what everyone else did,” she explained. “I went into lockdown mode and got engaged…tested the limits of Postmates Unlimited. I reached the end of Instagram four times. I binged seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Got unengaged, and then I went looking for aliens in the desert. So, basically the same as everyone else.”

While the singer never addressed what the rest of her year has in store but here’s hoping she’ll have more music for us soon!