Dominican-American Red Sox legend David Ortiz has just been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, receiving the news on Tuesday evening. He was elected with a 77.9% vote by members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, and received the honor in his first year of being eligible. Ortiz is the fourth-ever Dominican baseball player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, following the past icons Pedro Martínez, Juan Marichal and Vladimir Guerrero.

It’s no secret Ortiz is a baseball legend, achieving a whopping 558 home runs throughout his career.

The player widely known as “Big Papi” played 14 seasons with the Boston Red Sox, winning the World Series three times and nabbing the World Series Most Valuable Player back in 2013. He also achieved an extraordinary 54 home runs in 2006 alone, so it’s little wonder Ortiz was a no-brainer when it came to his induction into the much sought-after Hall of Fame title.

Still, Ortiz, his loved ones, and the fans are buzzing with emotion at the news, with a video showing all of them cheering and hugging each other with excitement after learning about the honor.

In an interview with the MLB Network, Ortiz appeared surrounded by family and friends all waving Dominican flags, looking on at the camera as they celebrated the icon’s latest achievement. The player was even joined by his Hall of Fame peer Pedro Martinez who was smiling right behind him. 

Visibly moved by the honor, Ortiz stated, “I first of all want to thank God… for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this very elite group of players.” He continued, “that’s what pretty much every player dreams of… I don’t think I would’ve done it… without the support coming from [my] family.”

In fact, talking about the importance of community, Ortiz explained that family is one of the most integral aspects of any athlete’s life and career, not to mention the fans, and his past teams. He said that while he “learned so many things to carry over” from his early days playing for the Minnesota Twins, he also thanked the Red Sox, and “everybody around” who “encouraged” him to be “the player and person” he became.

Of course, Ortiz’s fans are as excited as ever, with one Twitter user sharing a meme from “The Office” to describe the emotional moment:

Other fans shared nostalgic, iconic videos of the baseball star, including this highlight reel showing just how easy going Ortiz could be — yet also how he achieved home runs with impressive skill: 

While most baseball fans are happy at the news, some are questioning why legendary players Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens weren’t inducted to the Hall of Fame in their last year of eligibility.

One Twitter user wrote: “David Ortiz getting in on his first try while Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get bounced from the ballot sure does speak to the ridiculousness of this process.” Even Ortiz himself stated, “not having [Bonds and Clemens] join me is hard for me to believe, to be honest with you.” He continued, “these guys, I did not even compare myself with them.”

While many die-hard baseball fans might be sad about Bonds and Clemens, it’s clear many are happy for Ortiz after a career of record-breaking accomplishments.