Sometimes, the internet sends you down a rabbit hole and you become extremely invested in a person’s life without really knowing them. If you relate, this might have happened to you while looking through the IG profile of your ex’s sister’s best friend… or it could have just been an influencer. One story trending all over social media right now might send you down a similar rabbit hole — and it all has to do with a 12-year-old getting plastic surgery.

Tatiana Murillo is an influencer known as “La Barbie Colombiana,” who as her Instagram profile denotes, is a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and the mother to 12-year-old daughter Sofia.

Murillo has been open about her own plastic surgery in the past, even sharing a TikTok video that describes all the surgeries she has undergone. Saying she was inspired by Barbie’s iconic look, she explains she has three eyebrow lifts, three rhinoplasties, double chin liposuction, a breast augmentation, liposuction and more. 

While Murillo is known as a controversial figure to some, with certain detractors saying she is as “hollow” or superficial as a Barbie, she fiercely defends herself. She explains she was raised poor in a small town “without resources” and wasn’t able to afford a Barbie doll as a child.

Now, the influencer is receiving more negative critiques than ever — and it all has to do with her daughter, Sofia. Back in July 2021, Murillo went viral for sharing a TikTok video that shows her gifting Sofia a rhinoplasty for her 12th birthday. Giving her a box of cash with a Barbie doll sporting a bloody nose bandage, the daughter looks visibly excited — but Murillo’s followers immediately took to the comments to share their opinions.


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While one user said, “if the mother wants to give her that present it’s not a problem and there’s no need to judge,” another questioned, “how scary… is this real?”

While Murillo initially said the surgery wouldn’t be completed until two years later because of doctor recommendations, it seems she changed her mind. Sofia already underwent the surgery and has since reportedly stated on her personal Instagram that she is “miraculously alive” but that the recovery is extremely “painful.” 

Still, Murillo took to TikTok herself and defend the decision, explaining that Sofia had difficulty breathing, suffered bullying because of her nose, and simply did not like the appearance of it. Meanwhile, she brought up the issue of how news reporters continued to judge her decision for paying for Sofia’s nose job — but wouldn’t report on tragic stories like the disappearances of several little girls in Colombia, particularly BIPOC. 

All in all, the internet continues to stand as divided as ever when it comes to this issue:


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