While Christian Nodal and Belinda seemed like the most romantic, picture-perfect couple in the world throughout their two-year relationship and engagement, it’s all come to an end.

Having met ​​at the “Premios de la Radio” award show in Dallas at the end of 2019, they were Instagram official by 2020 when they posted videos like this on a romantic boat ride. 

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The couple got engaged in May 2021, but ended up calling it quits by February 2022.

Nodal announced the breakup on his Instagram stories, writing: “We decided to end the engagement and our relationship, keeping the best of each other.” He continued, “I won’t say anything else about this. Sending lots of love.” 

Fast forward to now, and things are getting much more dramatic between the ex-couple. For one, Belinda’s mother Belinda Schüll agreed with an Instagram user that Nodal is “un naco,” posting applause emojis. She then deleted the comment.

Meanwhile, Nodal took to Twitter to post a screenshot of a heated conversation he had with Belinda, where she asked him for money to fix her teeth.

She asked, “Do you think I can fix my teeth this week? Will you receive money this week? Apart from [the money] for my parents? So I can fix them?” She later continued to send texts, including: “I deeply regret everything I’ve suffered with you,” “You destroyed my entire life,” and “I knew you were going to leave me alone and destroy my life.” 

In response, Nodal tweeted that Belinda’s mother took money from her for 20 years until she left her with “nothing,” and asked to be left alone to “heal.”

He continued, “I don’t even ask for credit in her songs or her life.” He said, “When I got sick of giving, everything ended.” He also told a fan, “I want to focus on my career… and with these people pulling me, I won’t succeed. I need to get rid of those ghosts that torment me.”

Nodal’s grandmother even took to Facebook to defend her grandson, saying that everyone that thinks the “Botella Tras Botella” singer is “un naco” because he doesn’t have blue eyes and light skin is absolutely wrong. Seemingly pointing to Belinda, she wrote, “There are wolves with lambskin and those are [gold diggers]… that go from man to man.” 

With the family joining in on the ex-pair’s relationship tension, there’s now a new bit of drama to add to it.

Nodal jumped on Twitch to talk to his fans in a live video this week, and finally talked about the long-awaited song he recorded with Belinda titled “Por El Resto De Tu Vida.” While the release was planned for Valentine’s Day, it is yet to come to light.

When a Twitch user asked Nodal, “Is ‘Por El Resto De Tu Vida’ going to be released?” the singer replied, “Yes it will be released, but with [Argentine singer Tini Stoessel].”

When users began to ask why the singer replaced Belinda’s vocals with Tini’s, he said: “It’s music at the end of the day, and I’m not going to waste a song that will impact other people, so I don’t understand… I mean, I understand your point, but [it doesn’t matter]. Sorry.”

Some fans are already getting excited about a possible romance between Nodal and Stoessel, and we’re just wondering if there’s a “Tini” tattoo in his future.