If you’re a fan of Sonorense singer Christian Nodal’s music, including hits like “Adiós Amor” and “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos,” you know it’s emotional, catchy, and perfectly accompanied by a bottle of tequila or mezcal.

Yes, tons of Nodal’s songs pay homage to alcohol, such as “Botella Tras Botella” that includes lyrics like: “I drink bottle after bottle to forget her.” That said, the 23-year-old singer seems to be paving a new path for himself.

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Nodal explained in a recent press conference in Guatemala that he is “taking care of himself” and “treating himself well.” He said, “I’m on a diet, I’m eating well. I’m not drinking as much alcohol, so when I drink it is to enjoy the moment with people.”

And about the partying he is often known for? “No, not so much partying because I am going to [waste away].”

Apart from going on a diet and kicking alcohol to the curb mostly, the “No Te Contaron Mal” singer is also quitting smoking cigarettes.

Still, quitting seems easier said than done so far. Nodal took to Twitter to reveal to his fans that he is quitting smoking, but after just three days of no cigarettes, “abstinence is hell.”

The singer wrote: “cigarettes have been in my life in my worst and best moments, but I am sick of unnecessary evils. I swore never to smoke a cigarette.” And while quitting is extremely difficult, he assured, “If I can, you can!”

For Nodal, quitting smoking is symbolic for stopping “anything that destroys us but makes us feel good.”

Sending “lots of love” to his fans, the Latin Grammy winner said he has “read so many words of love” after his revelations “that fill him with peace.”

With many users telling him to try vapes instead, even though they are not safe either, Nodal wrote, “I hate them but they work when I can’t resist smoking.” 

Other fans jokingly recommended candy cigarettes instead, while one user wrote, “look how far you’ve gotten… you are going to be able to quit everything that causes damage to your body.”

While we will undoubtedly still sing the lyrics to “Aquí Abajo” a todo pulmón, including “here below where the disappointed ones are, crying, smoking, drinking, begging is almost necessary,” Nodal’s positive changes in his life are cause for serious applause.