Another day, another celebrity feud — and once again, Colombian reggaetonero J Balvin is at the center of it all. Amid serious beefing going on between Balvin and Mexican singer Christian Nodal since last week, Nodal just dropped a diss track aimed at the “Mi Gente” star, and he does not hold back.

As previously reported, Balvin posted a now-deleted photo of Nodal on his Instagram account that seemingly accused the “Botella Tras Botella” star of copying him. Captioned “Encuentra las diferencias 😂😂 @nodal,” the post featured a photo of Nodal with bleached hair and glasses, and a similar photo of Balvin himself on the next slide.

Fans and celebrities alike were quick to take sides, with one user commenting on Balvin’s post, “That one actually sings and composes and the other is pure autotune,” while another user commented on Nodal’s latest Instagram post: “So conflictive bro, Balvin didn’t [mean to provoke you] and you’re so offended.” All the while, Puerto Rican rapper Residente posted an Instagram story with Nodal’s song “Nada Nuevo,” coming after his famous feud with Balvin earlier this year.

Both Nodal and Balvin took to Instagram stories to add fuel to the fire, with the Colombian singer referencing Nodal’s ex Belinda in one story, and Nodal even taking aim at Balvin’s hypocrisy surrounding mental health. The Mexican star talked about how Balvin “has a documentary talking about peace, mental health… but in his Instagram account with millions of followers, he posted a photo so they can make fun of me.” Nodal then announced he would record a diss track directed at the “La Canción” star.

By Saturday, the “Adiós Amor” singer dropped the diss track, titled “Girasol” — and some can argue it takes even deeper aim at Balvin than Residente’s famous diss track directed at the Colombian star, “Residente: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 49.”

“Girasol” is a nearly 6-minute song that takes listeners on a ride through the reasons behind the Nodal-Balvin feud, and even references both Residente’s 2008 song “Que Lloren” and the rapper’s own recent Balvin diss track. “Girasol” starts off with, “I want you to cry” and goes off into a tiradera that includes, “You’re a joke, cabrón, every time you try to sing, try to rap, try to rhyme.” The song also takes aim at Balvin’s support for Latino artists with his “Latino gang” slogan: “You say ‘Latino gang’ but you step on all your people.”

The song goes into how Balvin’s post making fun of Nodal was seen by “50 million followers,” and that the photo “embarrassed” the Mexican singer. He sings, “Then you ask… the differences between me and you… [the difference is] that I’m not that sh—-.”

Nodal asks Balvin, “What gives him the right to make fun of [his pain]” and says, “Don’t say there isn’t any evil in your dark intentions.” Then, he goes into Balvin’s documentary “The Boy From Medellín,” which talks about the artist’s struggle with mental health. Nodal sings, “You have a documentary talking about mental health, [you hypocrite], you can’t talk about that… You should meditate on the [hurtful things] you do… I’m healing and I don’t have to post about it.”

“Girasol” also mentions how Nodal believes Balvin does not have “real friends” but rather yes men, and even brings up Balvin’s racist music video for his song “Perra.” Other lyrics like, “You are 37 and you still haven’t matured” and “It doesn’t matter if you’re rich if your goals are all material things” further throw insults at Balvin.

And about that Instagram post? Nodal simply states, “I like my tattoos, I like my flow, and if being naco means being happy, well I definitely am.”

By the end of the diss track, Nodal sings to Balvin: “Good morning Josecito… You ran into a Norteño… It’s not a nightmare, the cowboy has killed you.”

While some fans on Twitter immediately went crazy over the diss track, and others were left underwhelmed, the feud now seems to be dead and gone. Yes, really.

As reported by Billboard, Nodal posted on Instagram hours after dropping “Girasol” that he was “sorry,” explaining that he had made peace with Balvin.

“I forgave him for his lack of consciousness… Maybe if they would’ve asked me if I was ok with him posting that photo to his 50 million followers it would have been different. But on the contrary, I was hurt,” said the Mexican singer.

Meanwhile, Balvin posted on Instagram too, writing: “I’m no one to judge him. He was going through a rough time. I made a joke with no bad intentions but I understand where he’s coming from.” The Colombian singer and rapper continued, “He publicly apologized and I am doing the same thing. He was a gentleman in doing that and I respect that more than anyone else. The other stuff doesn’t matter anymore.”