Chris Perez, 53, just shared an adorable Instagram post about his late wife Selena Quintanilla and her family.

Although Quintanilla’s father Abraham Quintanilla Jr., 84, sued Perez back in 2017 over the rights to Selena’s estate, they since “amicably resolved” the dispute.

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So much so, that they actually posed together in a new photo that shows they consider each other “fam” again.

Perez described how he “made a drive” to Corpus Christi, Texas, where the Quintanillas are from.

“Guess where I ended up?” he asked his followers. “It was so good to see everyone and see the amazing operations of Q. Productions.”

By that, Perez was referencing Abraham Quintanilla’s entertainment company, which the businessman founded in 1993. Still located in Corpus Christi, it is an artist management and recording company representing Selena Quintanilla’s repertoire. It also works with other acts like Los Kumbia All Starz, son A.B. Quintanilla‘s band.

While visiting Q. Productions, Perez caught up with the “Amor Prohibido” singer’s father and her sister Suzette Quintanilla.

“Can’t wait to come back and visit with the fam! Good times!” he wrote, posting two photos with his late wife’s family members.

Chris Perez seems to be on good terms with Selena Quintanilla’s family after issues from the past

It’s no secret that Perez has had his fair share of drama with the Quintanilla family.

In fact, many people connect Quintanilla and Perez’s love story to her iconic song “Amor Prohibido.” It does have lyrics like, “They whisper ‘prohibited love’ in the streets because we’re from different societies” and “Money doesn’t matter for you and me, nor in our hearts.”

Guitarist Perez met Selena when he joined her band Los Dinos in 1990. The singer’s father, Quintanilla Jr., was famously against the couple’s whirlwind relationship.

Soon enough, Perez told Selena what he really felt about her while dining in a Pizza Hut. However, once Quintanilla Jr. found out about their secret relationship, he fired Perez from the band. In fact, the father later said he saw Perez as “a threat.”

Not even an over-protective father could keep them apart and by 1992, they eloped. She was 20 years old and he was 22.

In a recent Instagram post, Perez described that time as “two kids trying to find their way.” Sharing a photo of them once they were already married, he described, “We were on the road and touring so much… Good times were had.”

Once the two eloped, Quintanilla Jr. reportedly accepted Perez into the family once and for all.

According to Perez’s 2012 memoir “To Selena, With Love,” Quintanilla Jr. told him, “I’m sorry I pushed you kids into a corner… Let’s just continue from here.”

Perez later went through a legal battle with Quintanilla Jr., which they “amicably resolved”

Although Quintanilla Jr. accepted Perez into the family once he secretly married his daughter, things took a turn years later.

In fact, Quintanilla Jr. sued Perez in 2017 after the widower reportedly planned to make a series based on his book “To Selena, With Love.”

Quintanilla Jr., who runs Selena’s estate, called the series unauthorized. He sued Perez and two more companies involved in the series, citing how Perez once signed a deal, giving up all rights to Selena’s estate.

No one knows exactly what happened in between, but by 2021, Perez and Quintanilla Jr. “amicably resolved” the legal battle.

On September 2021, Perez tweeted, “Now that these issues are behind us, going forward, my hope, and the hope of the Quintanilla family, is for us to work together to continue to honor and celebrate the legacy of Selena.”

In a 2021 documentary about Selena’s death, “True Hollywood Story: Death of Innocence,” Perez shared how the singer’s passing still affects him.

“I [still] miss her face, her laughter. She was just an amazing soul, an amazing spirit,” he described.