As forever fans that rewatched the “Selena” movie countless times and take any opportunity to sing legendary tracks like “Como La Flor” and “Baila Esta Cumbia” in the car and our tia’s family parties, we’ll take any new Selena Quintanilla content we can get. Luckily, the singer’s widower Chris Perez just blessed our timelines with a rare, unearthed photo of the two of them. Yes, we have goosebumps.

All about the adorable, unearthed photograph

The never-before-seen photo shows the couple smiling wide in a restaurant in Florida while on tour. The photo dates back to March 3, 1994, marking two years into their marriage — giving a glimpse into their happiness. Dressed in white and leaning into each other, they undoubtedly made an adorable couple who truly loved each other. Maybe they were “Amor Prohibido”— at least in Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla’s eyes — but they were real.

The photo was taken one year before Selena’s death, tragically marking both her loved ones and fans forever. Still, this moment in time is all bliss, and an adorable capture we’re grateful to see.

Perez wrote that he “just found” the photo, describing himself and Selena as “two kids… trying to find their way.”

The rare photo was taken while on tour in Florida

Perez explained that they were “about to turn 23 and 24 years old” at the time of the unearthed photo. While he “can’t remember who took it,” he believes they were in Florida “on the road” while touring. The reason why he isn’t completely sure about the location? As the guitarist puts it, “things get jumbled” while on a national tour.

Still, Perez describes the photo as a portrayal of the “good times” they had together.

While Selena left behind an inimitable musical legacy at 23, she also left behind the people that loved her. And while thousands of her fans lined up “as long as a mile” and gathered at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in tears at the time of her death, it undoubtedly hit her loved ones just as hard — including husband Perez.

Perez felt guilty for years after his wife’s murder

Perez has spoken out about how much his wife’s death affected him, telling Chron that he experienced depression for years. He also felt guilty for not protecting his wife from her murderer Yolanda Saldívar — Selena’s fan club president and boutique manager, that shot her in a terrifying tale of embezzlement and obsession.

The widower told the outlet, “A lot of times… I felt guilt,” explaining that they just “didn’t think this person was capable of doing what she did.”

In his 2012 book “To Selena, With Love,” the guitarist also reportedly talked about not being able to eat or sleep, and abusing drugs and alcohol after his wife’s death.

Still, looking back, Perez explains that they were “as perfect as it could be,” but not “perfect-perfect” either. As the new photo on Instagram shows, they “were just a normal young couple, in love trying to figure it out.”

Over on IG, fans are happy to get another glimpse into Selena’s life. One user wrote, “It’s been more than 25 years and he keeps remembering her with so much love, it’s obvious Selena will always be the love of his life.”

Another agreed: “[This is] pure and eternal love.”