Photo via star_brim5/Instagram

We all know that Cardi B loves a good party. But more than that, she loves her daughter Kulture. So, naturally for Kulture’s third birthday, Cardi B decided that she would throw her daughter the party to end all children’s parties.

Over the weekend, Cardi B documented Kulture’s over-the-top, fairytale-themed birthday party on her Instagram stories.

Cardi shared every detail of the gorgeous festivities with her 99.8 million followers. Yes, the party’s dreamy pink and purple decor was jaw-dropping, but it was the party’s festivities that stoked the most envy.

Not only was there a petting zoo, but the party also featured bowling lanes and a ball pit. Of course, we have to mention that the petting zoo employed a unicorn to give the children rides (aka: a miniature pony with a horn taped on its forehead).

Kulture was the bell of the ball, being driven around in a fancy carriage like royalty. And judging from the videos, it would seem that Kulture might have a bit of a princess obsession. Mother and daughter were both dressed up in matching pink, poofy princess dresses.

Towering castles adorned the event space. And even Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” payed a visit! And of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without a larger-than-life Cinderella cake shaped like a carriage. The entire spectacle was truly a sight to behold.

For the past few days, Cardi has been enthusiastically celebrating Kulture’s third birthday on social media.

On Saturday, she posted a heartfelt tribute to her daughter with an adorable snapshot of Kulture in a bassinet when she was 1-month old. Baby Kulture is wrapped in a yellow blanket and surrounded by designer stuffed animals. “Forever my little baby. My cancer queen,” Cardi captioned the photo.

On Sunday night, she posted a video of Kulture receiving an extravagant gift. Sitting in a booth at a restaurant, we see Cardi telling Kulture to close her eyes. Then, Cardi opens a satin-covered jewelry box that contains a gorgeous diamond necklace complete with a “K”, Minnie Mouse, Chanel, and shopping bag charms. In the next video, we see Kulture beaming from ear to ear as she wears her new bling.

Cardi sure knows how to throw a children’s birthday party! If she ever wants out of the hip-hop game, we’re positive there’s an event planning position with her name on it.