Shakira‘s charisma has sparked many viral dances and fashion trends all over the world. Now, even Britney Spears confesses she recently replicated the Colombian star’s VMA’s performance in a dance video with two knives.

It all started at the latest MTV Video Music Awards when Shakira stole the spotlight with a breathtaking performance, taking the audience through her most iconic tunes. Yes, her hips still don’t lie.

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Shakira’s mesmerizing dance moves and a daring solo Arabic dance with daggers stole the night…and apparently started a new trend. Following in her footsteps, Spears went viral herself this week after attempting the Colombian singer’s moves barefoot from her living room.

After publishing the video, Spears’ fans were deeply concerned, with the pop star clarifying the story behind dancing with the daggers.

Despite Spears saying the daggers were “fake,” fans were deeply concerned for her safety

After stirring her followers, the pop star took to her social media to calm their nerves, urging them to “lighten up” and guaranteeing that those knives were, in fact, fake.

However, some of her fans still had doubts, claiming they heard the unmistakable “clink” of metal. Also, the “Toxic” singer appeared in another video with a bandage on her arm and some bruises on her lower back.

“I know I spooked everyone with my last post, but these are fake knives my team rented for a Hand Pro Shop in L.A.,” Spears wrote.”No need to worry or call the police. I’m trying to imitate one of my favorite performers, Shakira, a performance I was inspired by. Cheers to us bad girls who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take risks.”

The songstress has not clarified how she got injured, however, only writing: “My ‘Pretty Woman’ top is kinda cool after my briefing on polka dots.”

According to reports by TMZ, police paid a visit to the singer’s home after receiving a call from a member of the LAPD Smart Team. They spoke with the security agent there, who assured them she was fine but did not want to talk, so they left.

However, despite criticism, some fans are still defending Spears

Although Spears has restricted comments on her personal Instagram account, fans are still expressing their concern over the singer’s viral dance.

Many think the singer is setting a bad example. “This is irresponsible. I can imagine young ones thinking they can do the same; bad Britney Spears,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, others joked about her knife-wielding talent. “She seems like such a cool person and needs some knife lessons,” added one X user.

Some came out to defend the artist in the face of harsh criticism.

On X, a user wrote: “Excuse me, but she explained the deal and that those knives are fake. She bought the knives from a prop store to replicate what Shakira does in some of her performances. Don’t make Britney Spears look crazy. Do better, OK, please.” 

On TikTok, some users are creating their own funny versions of the video: 


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