In news that’s making Britney Spears’ fans all around the world spit out their afternoon café con leche, the “Stronger” singer just announced she is pregnant for the third time. While the Instagram post she wrote has some people a bit confused, there’s no doubt about it — the star and her partner Sam Asghari are officially having a baby.

Spears shared an Instagram post of a pink teacup with pink carnations, starting out the caption by explaining that she had “lost so much weight” to go on her recent trip to Maui — but had gained it back immediately. Asking “what happened” to her stomach, she explained partner Asghari replied, “Noo you’re food pregnant silly.” 

Still, Spears took a pregnancy test — and lo and behold, it came back positive. The singer wrote, “I am having a baby… 4 days later I got a little more food pregnant… It’s growing!!! If 2 are in there … I might just [lose] it.” Honestly, we are very here for Spears-Asghari gemelos — how cute would they be?!

The star also chose to explain her future pregnancy plans this time around. The “Toxic” chanteuse was famously photographed non-stop during her first two pregnancies with children Sean Preston and Jayden James, so she now says she “obviously won’t be going out as much due to the paps getting their money shot… like they unfortunately already have.”

Spears went on, talking about her difficult experiences with pregnancy in the past. “It’s hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression… I have to say it is absolutely horrible.” She said “women didn’t talk about it back then” because “some people considered it dangerous if a woman complained like that with a baby inside her,” but that now women are much more open about it. Thankful, the singer said, “thank Jesus we don’t have to keep that pain a reserved proper secret.”

Fans are beaming with joy at the announcement, especially coming just months after the end of Spears’ much-documented conservatorship. Now that the singer is officially free and living her best life with Asghari and her children, the pregnancy couldn’t come at a better time. While the two got engaged in September 2021, Spears testified in her conservatorship court testimony that she wanted to have a baby, but her conservators forced her to stay on birth control.

Spears’ followers are, as expected, going crazy, with one fan coining a new phrase: “Pregney, confirmed!!!!” Another wrote, OMFG WHAT!!! CONGRATS QUEEN!! YOUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!!” and we’re feeling every ounce of excitement, too.

Others are feeling a bit of an arroz con mango at the wording of the Instagram post though, questioning, “is this a pregnancy announcement???????” and all we can say is — it definitely seems to be! 

The singer shared she plans on doing yoga everyday throughout her pregnancy, ending the message with “spreading lots of joy and love.” We are so excited for our “Lucky” queen!