You’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard the buzz around Becky G and Peso Pluma’s collaboration “Chanel.” The two performed the hit song live twice — and on huge stages.

The live debut was during Becky’s Coachella first weekend performance and the second on national television during the Latin American Music Awards.

In both performances, the two stars appear charismatic and playful with each other — although Becky G revealed that’s not how it was at the beginning.

Becky G felt the vibes weren’t there at first

In a recent interview, Becky G revealed that she didn’t feel that the two connected at the start of the collaboration.

During her chat with Agushto Papa Podcast, she said she didn’t think Peso Pluma was into the initial meetup. “I admitted this to him the other day; I was like, ‘bro, I didn’t think like you were vibing.’ Like I was like, ‘yo, he probably hates me.'”

“He had the mask on and everything,” she continued. “I thought that was an outside persona like there’s literally nobody here,” she said. “I did think maybe he’s just not vibing. Maybe he’s having a day. Obviously, being an artist, it gets exhausting, so I was trying to be mindful of that. I like to vibe; I like to talk to people.”

“I remember leaving, and like damn, man, I don’t think he was vibing, and I feel so bummed,” she told the podcast’s hosts.

But that wasn’t the case

Though she felt the vibes were off, a mutual colleague helped her understand that Peso felt nervous.

“I learned from Edgar [Barrera], an incredible producer; he’s helping me executive produce the album. And he was like, ‘dude, he was so nervous,'” Becky shared. “I was like, ‘You’re lying’ he was like, ‘Yeah, he was super nervous.’ Like you left, and he was like: ‘la cague wey.'”

Turns out, the nerves might’ve just gotten the best of Peso Pluma. 

Later, Becky G says she saw him again, and they broke the ice.

The art of choosing successful collaborations

In the same conversation, Becky G shared that she doesn’t like to force connections.

“I don’t like to put any pressure when it comes to collaborations,” she said. “Like me and Karol have known each other for so long – we could’ve done a song together a long time ago.”

“I remember I even sent her multiple songs; it was just like never the right time. And for me, it’s like when it happens, it’s when it’s supposed to happen.” 

Well, good thing it happened when it happened. Both “MAMIII” with Karol G and “Chanel” with Peso Pluma are massive hits and continue to be two of Becky’s best collaborations to date.