Bad Bunny is not only one of the most famous artists in the world but also one of the most lucrative. The Puerto Rican singer has made Forbes’ list of the year as one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers and the only Latino.

In concerts alone, El Conejo Malo sold $400 million worth of tickets on his two tours, according to Pollstar figures.

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And it’s not just about selling out stadiums.

As the magazine explained, his second tour, dubbed “The World’s Hottest,” was one of the most expensive, requiring between 35 and 40 trucks to transport personal equipment from one U.S. venue to another. It also required three airplanes, including a 747, for transportation across Latin America.

An entertainer and his empire

In addition to being the most listened-to artist on streaming platforms, El Conejo Malo has made his name a brand.

State-of-the-art shows have given way to roles in series and movies, and his tours have featured multi-million dollar sponsorships with Corona, Cheetos, and Adidas.

Bad Bunny’s total empire adds up to an income of $88 million, making him the 10th highest-earning artist in the last year and the only Latino in the ranking.

According to Forbes, the figures represent 2022 pre-tax earnings minus representation fees (managers, lawyers, agents) and/or business operating costs.

Bad Bunny is below fellow entertainers Taylor Swift ($92 million), director James Cameron ($95 million), and the Rolling Stones ($98 million).

However, perhaps Bad Bunny’s true fortune is his audience reach. The entertainer has surpassed millions of plays on Spotify and YouTube and is now considered the king of streaming.

On a monthly basis, Bad Bunny has some 62 million monthly listeners on Spotify and up to 1.2 billion views on YouTube.

Likewise, his style and aesthetic choices – both on stage and in his personal life – set trends across the globe.